Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Ginger Cats

Scarlett has been staying with us for more than 2 months now. She has adapted fully to the Spice Cats and the Spice Cats house. They have learnt to tolerate and live with each other. Once I even caught Scarlett kissing Garlic! But they haven't started licking and grooming each other yet.

The two ginger cats, posing for the camera. Same sitting style too!

Mummy say.....look left!

Scarlett may be put up for adoption soon. Her mummy might not be coming back to Malaysia. If you know anyone who would be interested in adopting a loving, talkative cat, do let me know.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Curtains Oh Curtains

Another thing Sesame loves in my room is my curtains.

What's out there?

My 2nd favorite bed, after mommy's soft bed, of course.

Maybe if I just stay here, nobody can see me.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Room Sweet Room

Ever since Sesame had his haircut, he is allowed into my room. I know he would like it in my room but I didnt expect him to love it so much. It is now the thing he looks forward to everytime I am home.

He follows me around in the room. If I am in the bathroom, he will be in the bathroom. If I am standing in front of the mirror, he will sit by my leg. If I am on my bed, he will be sitting on the bed with me. He absolutely love it on the bed.

He tries to stay awake if I am awake. Although very often not very sucessful and fall asleep while sitting down.

Soon, he couldn't resist dozing off on the soft bed.

I am thankful mummy cut my hair and let me into her room. It is now my favorite place in the whole house.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plastic Bag!

I just came back from Pets Wonderland to buy some litter sand. For some reason, the Spice Cats love the big plastic bag from Pets Wonderland.

Sesame : Its my new little house.

Sesame : Its mine! Ginger, I don't care if I have a crush on you, I am not sharing. You will have to wait until I get bored with it.

Ginger : Finally! Now its my turn.

Ginger : Hopefully no one can find me in here.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Animals of Phuket

I visited Phuket last week. It was a truly fun trip and I do love the island. Below are some photos of the animals at Phuket.

A dog sleeping peacefully on a hilltop, overlooking the sea. I walked really close to snap the photo and he didnt even flinched.

A 3-legged dog, sleeping, just underneath the black dog above. She looks pretty healthy for a 3-legged dog.

I get to carry a monkey, just like I carry the Spice Cats!

The cute monkey kissed me too! (But he got bad breath)

A Thailand elephant. Its amazing how tame they are.

Then I went on to feed the baby elephant with some sugar cane. He absolutely love it.

He love it so much that he came over to kiss me, twice! This photo was taken when he kissed me for the second time. For you who have never been kissed by an elephant, their kiss is wet and sticky and they make the loudst kissing sound! I left the baby elephant with a wet cheek.

And a baby python, who according to them, is absolutely harmless.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Winter's New Pal

My parents adopted Scooter from SPCA about 3 weeks ago. He was extremely quiet and shy at first but slowly accepted his new family. Although he is still very quiet, compared to Winter, he is much more confident and happy now.

Hello, my name is Scooter.

Took my parents 2 weeks to introduce Scooter to Winter. To my surprise, after 2 weeks, Winter accepted Scooter as part of the family. Winter who hates all dogs and who will try to kill all dogs that come into her path. I think she somehow knows that Scooter is going to be part of the family. She sometimes help clean Scooter's ears too.

And they share food, when they visit each other (My parents stay 3 houses away).

They absolutely love playing with each other. Winter is of course, the hyper-active and dominant one, while Scooter is always so gentle.

Good Boy. I am your big sister. You are gonna listen and obey me from now on.