Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Spot With a View

I normally do my weekly mopping on the weekends. The Spice Cats would get out of the way as soon as I take the vacumm cleaner or the mop out. Most of them would hide upstairs until I am done, except for Sesame. Sesame found a spot in the living room where he can sit without getting in my way while watching me doing my weekend routine.

Sesame watching the mop as it moves around the living room, from under the coffee table.

Its a nice little hole that fits him nicely.

The maggi mee fur under his chin is so hard to manage. Despite how I try to brush them, they are still so curly!

Sesame : Don't listen to Mommy. She knows nothing. I think curly furs are cute. Don't you think so too?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Laundry Basket

Garlic loves close spaces for him to sleep in, like the Laundry Basket and PTU. He likes to make-believe that it is his own little house inside the Spice Cats' House. I was doing laundry as usual last weekend and noticed that Ginger and Sesame were gathered around the over-turned Laundry Basket. I didnt pay much attention to it until I went closer to pick up the Laundry Basket.

Ginger and Sesame. I assumed they were playing around the Laundry Basket, as usual.

Then I found 2 paws sticking out when I went to pick up the Laundry Basket.

Sesame tried to get Garlic to come out a few times. But Garlic seemed to be contented with his new home.

Mommy, can you see me? Isn't my new home nice?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kitten Alert!

Last Tuesday, I came back from work early and found a kitten sitting in front of my neighbour's house. I have not seen this kitten before and does not know where he comes from. The mother is no where to be seen. He looks quite thin. When I approached him, he did not run away and let me pat him. When I carried him in my arms, he just looked up at me and gave me a soft 'meow'. He looks hungry so I decided to give him some food.

Pepper was the first to greet the kitten, very gently. I am pleasantly surprised.

Followed by Ginger..... The 2 male Spice Cats kept their distance....

Pepper won't let the kitten out of her sight, probably that's the motherly instinct kicking in..... I think its very sweet.

I then picked the kitten up and gave him some food. He refused to eat the cat biscuits! Maybe he is not so hungry afterall! So I gave him some tuna, which he ate happily.

After a good dinner, I introduced the kitten to Winter. Winter was very curious and the kitten was very reserved about the big wolf dog.

They soon warmed up and Winter was delighted. She loves kittens.

Sesame, on the other hand, was not friendly at all. When he saw the kitten, he made a loud hiss and the kitten hissed back. I gave Sesame a stern scolding and a long lecture about how he should NOT hiss at less fortunate cats or kittens, especially if the kitten is smaller than he is.

The kitten then settled down in between my legs.

I reminded myself that I cannot afford to take in anymore cats. Besides I am not sure whether the kitten's mother is still around or whether he belongs to anyone. So I let the kitten back outside. Since I am bringing 2 of the Spice Cats to the vet on Saturday, I planned to take the kitten together for a checkup and vaccine, if he is still around. Probably get him spayed as well if he is old enough.

But the next day when I go to work, the kitten was nowhere to be seen. On Friday, I saw the kitten again, inside my neighbour's house. Mmmm.... probably my neighbour has decided to adopt the kitten (I certainly hope so!). I will keep my eyes open for this little fella in the future.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A letter from Pelud

I received an email from Pelud a few days ago.........


My mommy came on Mother's Day to Sharlene's house. I was happy to see her but angry that she left me for so long. She brought all my belongings and left me in Sharlene's house for 6 long weeks! So I played hard to get. She wanted to pat me but I moved away under the dinning table. I let Sharlene cuddled me to make my mommy jealous.

But then Sharlene put me in a cat cage. I was frightened. Sesame came to me but I stuck out my paw and jabbed at him. I am sooo sorry Sesame, I didn't mean to hurt you. Then the cage was carried to the car. My heart was pounding and I meowed as loud as I could. Now where are they taking me? I could see Sharlene waving goodbye to me.

Sharlene loves me and took good care of me. She treated me just like the Spice cats. I get to sleep in her room too and I liked the aircon. The Spice cats were friendly to me but I was such a spoilt cat and was not in my best behavior. They shared their food with me but I shared my biscuits with them too. I liked the Whiskers pouch wet food. Garlic was a gentleman and always let me eat first. He never hissed at me. It was my fault because I was the one who hissed at the other Spice cats.

My mommy took me out of the cage cautiously because she was afraid I might scratch her because of my agitated stage. She said soothing words to me and said we were going home. I quietened down. Then the car stopped in front of the house. The place looked familiar. My mommy carried me into the house and put me down. I walked around and realized I had come home.

I have mixed feelings. I miss Sharlene and the Spice cats. When I look out of the door I see different scenery. I have posted a few photos of me sitting and sleeping in various parts of the house. I like to sleep on the computer table when my mommy is there. I hope to see Sharlene and the Spice cats again. Thank you Sharlene and the Spice cats for putting up with me.

I also have attached some of my photos back home.



Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mini Poll Results - Who is your favorite?

I am quite surprised that Winter got the highest number of votes. Since this blog is mostly dominated by cats, I thought one of the Spice Cats would have won. Then again, majority of the votes did go to cats. So my new mini poll is to gauge whether those who visits my blog are dog-lovers, cat-lovers, both or neither.

Previous Mini Poll Results

I know I am not supposed to have favorites but I can't help myself. I still love them all though. So who is your favorite?

1. Ginger - 19% (28 votes)
2. Garlic - 22% (32 votes)
3. Pepper - 15% (22 votes)
4. Sesame - 22% (32 votes)
5. Winter - 22% (33 votes)

Total votes : 147

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Winter's Twin!

Look what I found!

The similarity is amazing! The smeared black dots on the white fur, 2 black patches on the eyes, the brownish color on the face. Looks like Winter got herself a twin.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seven Random Facts about Winter

Katztales asked about Winter. She is right, very bad of me to left Winter out. So here it is…

Chilling out one evening in the house......

Seven Random Facts about Winter

1. I hate dogs! I hate dogs! I hate dogs! A group of big bad dogs attacked me when I was just a baby and now I hate dogs!

2. I love cats! I love to lick their faces, clean their ears and play with them. But Mommy always say I am too rough, that is why the cats always run away. I cant help if I am excited

3. I eat practically everything under the sky, except for oranges and vegetables (unless they are blended). My favorite is cat poo. Just 2 weeks ago I ate the Spice Cats' poo. Mommy was screaming at me when she found out. I don't know why.

4. Mommy said I whine a lot.

5. I love to play ‘Catch me if you can’. Mommy can never catch me.

6. I love to dig holes in the garden, especially under the tree. When the weather is hot, I sit in the hole. The ground is much cooler.

7. I am a great hunter. I have killed countless number of rats and 4 civet cats. When I killed my first civet cat, I carried it to Mommy when she came home. Mommy didn’t like it, she screamed at me. I don’t know why.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meme - Seven Random Facts About Us

We got our second meme from Lux, China-Cat, The Famouns Five, Kitikata-san. So here goes.

Here are the rules (copied from Lux). Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Seven Random Facts About Ginger:


1) I always sleep with my tummy facing up. Mummy says its very unprincess-like but I do not care.

2) I love air-con and always run up before mummy when I know she is going to her room.

3) I do not like outdoors. I got locked outside once and it was the most terrifying experience in my life.Now I am content with just sitting beside the glass door and looking out.

4) A lot of people said I have a very pretty face.I think so too.

5) I do not like to be touched, unless I come to you and demand to be touched.

6) I like to lick mummy’s face when I am in her room, but sometimes she doesn’t let me.I do not know why.

7) I do not fancy strangers.I always hide behind the curtains when there are strangers in the house.

Seven Random Facts About Pepper:

My favorite bolster

1) I love to sleep on with my head on Mommy's toes and arms.

2) I love human and rubbing my head and body against them feels sooooo good!

3) I always wait for mommy outside her room.

4) I do not like wet cat food like the other Spice Cats. I prefer normal cat biscuits.

5) Mommy adopted me when I was only 10 months old. 1 month after that, I have birth to 2 little kittens! Mommy told me that I am way too young to have babies. She is glad that I am spayed and healthy now.

6) I do not get bullied by other cats or dogs. I was a street cat before mommy adopted me and I am very street-wise. No one dares bully me.

7) My son, Sesame, is much bigger and fatter than me now. I am very proud of him. He is a handsome cat.

Seven Random Facts About Garlic:

Fingers are yummy

1) I think I am a dog. I love to lick human's hand, even strangers. Sometimes they do not let me lick their hand. They said my tongue is too rough but I can't help it. I also like munching my mouth with human fingers just beside my mouth.

2) I also love to give people a massage on their soft tummy. The bigger and softer the tummy, the nicer.

3) I got the Friendliest Spice Cats Award! That is because I never hiss at anyone or anything.

4) A lot of people said I am a very handsome cat. I try to be a gentleman so that I can live up to their expectations. I always let the ladies eat first.

5) I sometimes scratched on the door in the morning when Mommy doesn't come out when she is supposed to.

6) I always come when called. Mommy said that is a bit unusual for a cat. I told Mommy I am not a cat, I am a dog.

7) I hate it when Mommy wash my butt. She said its because I am a dirty cat and always have poo sticking to my butt.

Seven Random Facts About Sesame:

My cutest baby pic

1) I am the biggest Spice Cat! Although I am the youngest Spice Cat!

2) I got the Best Flying Mouse Catcher Spice Cat Award!

3) Mommy said I am a spoilt brat. I complain a lot.

4) Mommy is a bit worried that I may get too fat after my neutering operation. I can't help if I love food.

5) I like my litter box clean. I do my business everytime after mommy clean the litter box. Mommy said I am spoilt.

6) I do not like Winter. She likes to wet my head.

7) I like to play with the water bowl. I often dip my paws into the water bowl and spill the water all over the floor. Mommy is not very happy with that.

And I tag….

1) Au at Katztales

2) King at Tales from the Clark Street

3) Arthur at Gattina

4) Luna

5) Diva Kitty

6) Melange

7) Felicia at TorAa

Carpet Cat

Recently the Carpet Cat paid the Spice Cats a visit again. She paid them a visit during CNY Eve (see here). I called her the Carpet Cat because her tabby marking is really very pretty and she looks like a walking carpet.

She is the friendly neighbourhood cat. I am not sure whether she belongs to anyone but I know my neighbours sometimes feed her. I once fed her tuna biscuits and she refused to eat it. This shows that she is very well-fed. She is very slim. I think she has been spayed because I have never seen her pregnant.

The Carpet Cat, when I first spotted her at the door.

The Carpet Cat spotted me and didn't mind having her pictures taken.

A close-up on Carpet Cat, but its still a bit blur through the netting.

Pepper saw the Carpet Cat and came to check her out.

To my surprise, Pepper didn't hiss. They just greeted and smelled each other.

Pepper was kinda sad when her new friend left.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

From Above

There is this spot on top of the stairs that Pelud loves to sit. Maybe it gives her a better view of who is coming up the stairs. Maybe she likes the feeling of being above every other cats in the house.

Pelud is going home this weekend. Her mommy is back from Germany. I bet Pelud will be happy to see her mommy after 6 weeks.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Last Wednesday, in conjunction with Secretary's Day, a group of very dear friends sent me a bouquet of pink and red roses. No, I do not work as a secretary nor a personal assistant or anything close. Its a long story.

But anyway, the cats have never seen roses before so they are all very curious.

Garlic and Pelud were the first to check the flowers out but they were more interested in the ribbons.

Sesame thinks pink roses are absolutely lovely. And they sure smell nice too!

When I put the roses into a vase, Pelud start munching on the leaves.

Ginger, seeing that Pelud enjoyed the leaves so much, started munching on the leaves too! I have to remove the vase from the floor before the 2 cats start munching all the leaves away!