Monday, February 26, 2007

Is it a ball?

Me and my brother bought an Ogawa massage chair for our parents before Chinese New Year and it comes with the Ogawa Air Purifier as a free gift.

The first day when I took it out and turned it on in the living room, the Spice Cats were pretty curious about the new addition to their house (at least 3 of them were, Pepper weren’t bothered at all). toy? But its too big for a ball.

I am posing in front of the new toy. Do I look handsome?

Mmmmm...... better keep my distance till I am sure what is this new 'thing'.

Still keeping my distance, but not keeping it out of my sight!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Visitor on CNY eve

As I was busy with my last minute cleaning on CNY eve, I suddenly noticed that all the Spice Cats were gathering at the door. I went to check out the big attraction.

Oh, it was just the friendly neighborhood carpet cat that I often pat when she comes to the front porch of my house.

Stranger Alert!

Oh, the stranger is leaving.....

Not very often I get to snap photos of the Spice Cats sitting on one straight row like that, so here is one with flash!

Monday, February 12, 2007

We love curtains!

Last weekend was spent taking down and washing all the curtains. The Spice Cats were absolutely delighted! Didn’t know curtains could be so much fun.

I love clean curtains, they are so soft and smell so nice.


The best bed, ever!

Ooooo..... mountain of curtains! Now you see me......

Now you don't!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Toy

I brought Pepper and Ginger back to the vet for a check-up on Saturday. Actually the vet told me that I do not need to, but for peace of mind, I brought them anyway. The vet said they are both doing great, especially Pepper. She healed incredibly fast, her wound is now all sealed and you can hardly see any scar! Well done doc! Ginger’s wound is still in the process of healing and she is doing well.

Since I am at the vet, I stock up the cat food and litter sand. Saw a cute little toy which looks like a fishing rod with a mouse at the end as a bait. I bought it as a treat for the female spice cats, since they have been quarantined in the room for 1 whole week. Now they will have their freedom back and claim back their territory in the house.

I picked the one with the most real looking mouse. It lookes like an over-furry mouse with pink ears.

Ooooo..... what is that furry little thing!

We want! We want! Give it to us!

Ready to pounce! I had some photos of Sesame actually jumped up and grabbed hold of the mouse, but it came out all blur (only have an old 2MP camera).

The Spice Cats (except Garlic who is not impressed by the fake mouse) just love their new toy. When I am not around, I had to keep the mouse in a drawer, out of their reach.

Winter has always been the mouse/rat catcher in the family, now I know that the Spice Cats would never let a mouse go (if one ever get into the house). So from hours of playing with them, I came up with a conclusion....

Best Spice Cats Mouse Catcher Award goes to.........SESAME!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hide and Seek

While the female Spice Cats are resting and recovering from the Operation, the 2 younger male Spice Cats tried to entertain themselves by playing hide and seek.

They are very happy when they found out that I am washing my sofa covers for the coming Chinese New Year. Not because they will get clean sofa covers to sleep on, but because they can play with all the pillows and covers lying around when I am changing the covers.

I just love the soft laundry mountain.

Mommy cant find me.

Oooppsss....Mommy found me!

Mommy cant find me too!

Darn....Mommy found me!

This is no fun. Mommy is always smarter than us. I am taking a nap.