All About Us

My name is Garlic.  I am the man of the house.  I am born in April 2006.  Mummy said I have the most beautiful blue eyes.

Mummy also said I have a finger fetish.  I think she is right.  I am addicted to fingers, and sometimes toes too, but mostly just fingers.  I think fingers taste mighty fine.  Daddy always gives me fingers, so I think I am a daddy's boy. 

Mummy gives me too many hugs.  I am a big boy, I don't like hugs.

My name is Ginger.  I am older than Garlic.  I am born in January 2006.  Mummy called me 'Princess', because I am one.

I love mummy.  I am proud to be mummy's girl.  I can't wait for mummy to wake up every morning so I can give her many many chin licks.  But she sometimes complain that I lick her skin off.

But when mummy is not around, I am a daddy's girl.  Daddy doesn't really mind the chin licking.

Oh, let's not forget about our pet, Winter.  She is always eager to please.  Mummy sometimes let her into the house.  Mummy said Winter got into a fight with other dogs when she was a puppy, that is why one of her ears are strange looking and she does not like other dogs.   But she loves us.