Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gua Tempurung + MyGopeng Resort

I went for another holiday again. This time a short one, just over the weekend, to Gua Tempurung and Gopeng.

We went on the Gua Tempurung Grand Tour which takes 4 hours. Its a memorable caving experience. You don't have to be fit as it is an easy walk through the caves. Just gotta be prepared to get dirty and there are a lot of crawling in water!

Part of the gang. Not many photos are taken as only one of us brought the camera in. You need a water-proof bag if you wanna bring your belonging into the cave as you will get soaked from head to toe.

This is the easy part. In some areas, you have to lay flat on your stomach and crawl. In some areas, we just roll!

The caves are huge and beautiful.

Then we head to MyGopeng resort. The durian lovers absolutly adores the place as there are durian trees everywhere and you can eat as much as you want.

Our Hill Top "Chalet" that fits 24 of us. No air-con as the night air is quite cool. Bathrooms are walking distance away.

We get to see all types of insects. Not sure what this is called.

We also visited the waterfall not far from our resort. The guys had most fun there.

Sesame: That looks fun but I am glad mummy is back and I get to sit in front of my fan again. My face is blur because the fan is blowing in my face and my fur is flying everywhere.


Farah said...

Hi Sharlene,

I am sure it such a great experience there!
I think Sesame is feeling hot. I had a cat who is long haired, who love to bath himself in a toilet when the daytime. He sometimes sleep inside the toilet. My mom said he was feeling hot.


Lux said...

What a beautiful place! That cave looks like it would be a lot of fun, too.

That's a cute picture of the windblown Sesame ... :)

Deana said...

Well this really looked like quite an adventure! I love your pictures. It is always nice to see people out and really enjoying life.

mummymeow said...

Sharlene, time to give Sesame a lion cut again! Before i read your blog, i never knew what 'lion cut' is. It's so funny!

katztales said...

Looks terrific- literally! I can't stand the idea of being stuck underground...

Sesame looks so sweet by that fan. Must be a nice breeze with all that hot fur.

Kitikata-san said...

What a wonderful vacation! And I do like Sesame's wind blown look from the fan!