Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sleeping Styles, the Cat Way....

Just like human, cats have their own sleeping styles and favorite sleeping positions.

Pepper's sleeping style is the same, every single time.

This is Garlic when he was just 5 months old and still allowed in my room. He loves my comforter. Now my room is off-limits as he sheds too much.

He now sleeps downstairs, with the other Spice Cats.

Baby Sesame, when he was just few weeks old.

Now, he loves the sofa.

Ginger has the most adorable sleeping styles. A lot of times, very 'unprincess-like'.

She does look extremely chubby, before her Lion Cut. But actually its just all fur.

Carpet cat.

Less fur now after the lion cut, but it is slowly growing back. This is one of her favorite sleeping position.

Ginger loves my comforter too.

And she loves it even more with Garlic around.

She just loves Garlic, even without the comforter.

The BEST sleeping position. I wonder if she gets sore neck after that.


Horatio said...

wow... nice sleeping positions. sorry for the absence of posting. been busy with the recent KL International Cat Show.

katztales said...

Gogeous pics. We must be on the same brainwave - I've just written about Au's weird sleeping habits! How does Winter get along with the spice cats? is he allowed in the house?

Just Sharlene said...

horatio, Welcome back! And say Hi to Molly for me. You are the person I know with the most cats!

katztales, we are on the same brainwave! Haha.... Winter gets along quite well with the Spice Cats, when the Spice Cats allowed her to. She loves the Spice Cats and she is sometimes allowed in the house, on close supervision.

Blondie said...

These photos made my morning--thank you! You are making me want long-haired cats now. They are so damn cute.

Just Sharlene said...

blondie, long-haired cats are indeed adorable. But beware of the fur! But I think its all worth it :)

marjan said...

Lovely pics. The pics make me happy, seriously. My favorite is the baby sesame.. ouch.. cute overload!!!!!!!

Just Sharlene said...

Thanks Marjan. Sesame is indeed a doll. Nobody can resist him. Hehe...

beekean said...

I like the first pix of Pepper, and pixs of baby garlic and sesame... cats are cuter when they were kittens... =)

Kimo & Sabi said...

Furry cute kitties! Fanks for visiting our bloggie!