Monday, September 29, 2008

Animals of Europe

I went on a 17 days holiday to London, Scotland and Paris. During the 17 days, I have the honored to come in contact with many of the wonderful animals in Europe.

The beautiful swans at Kingston.

The friendly pigeon at Paris.

The 2 playful doggies in Landford, England.

The slug in Landford.

The pig at Landford.

The sheeps at Corfe Castle, England.

The doggie, who looks like a mop, in Edinburgh.

The dog at Edinburgh, Scotland.

The dog in Lake District.

2 other dogs at Lake District, dogs are allowed on boats!

The horses at Landford.

Horses by the roadside at Landford. They roam free.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Doggie Friend

I brought Sesame over to my mom's house last weekend, so that Garlic can play with his doggie friend, Coco, again.

Coco is more careful with Garlic this time.

She doesn't jump or pounce on Garlic. Maybe because she was slapped by Garlic the last time she tried to do that. It was actually the first time I've seen Garlic slapped anyone...or anycat...or anydog.

Coco watched Garlic's every move.

Dad trying to make Garlic come to Coco.

Garlic did, for a while, then Coco jumped on him.... and Garlic ran away again.
Garlic is not afraid of Coco. He is just annoyed at Coco for being too rough when playing.

Sesame, on the other hand, just enjoyed being home. He wants to go into my room everyday.

Sesame enjoying a neck scratch.

Sleeping on the bed is the best!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Star of the Day

Sesame photo was features in the Star on Saturday! Below is a snapshot of Sesame in the Malaysian newspaper. The article talks about long-hair cats and featured a photo of Sesame with his lion cut. You can also read more about it at

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Spice Cats at their vacation homes

I came back from my holiday on Sunday afternoon and missed the Spice Cats so much that I went to pick all of them up on Sunday itself!

Below are same photos of the Spice Cats at their vacation home. Thanks Daniel and Haw Ying!

Ginger and Pepper at Haw Ying's (Pelud's mom).

Garlic never hang around much at the stairs at the Spice Cats house. He seems to like the stairs at Haw Ying's. He back on his usual self on Monday, meowing, massaging and following me around.

Ginger being the curious one at Haw Ying's. She is still not speaking to me, only coming to me during feeding time.

Sesame and Pepper went to Daniel's house (Scarlett's dad). This photo is lovely! You can see how much bigger Sesame is!

They get to sleep on Daniel's bed! Pepper is obviously enjoying herself. She is back to her old self on Monday too.

Sesame was the sweetest. He missed me so much that he followed me all over the house the minute he got home. He also followed me to my room, jumped on my bed and rolled around!

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