Monday, September 22, 2008

Doggie Friend

I brought Sesame over to my mom's house last weekend, so that Garlic can play with his doggie friend, Coco, again.

Coco is more careful with Garlic this time.

She doesn't jump or pounce on Garlic. Maybe because she was slapped by Garlic the last time she tried to do that. It was actually the first time I've seen Garlic slapped anyone...or anycat...or anydog.

Coco watched Garlic's every move.

Dad trying to make Garlic come to Coco.

Garlic did, for a while, then Coco jumped on him.... and Garlic ran away again.
Garlic is not afraid of Coco. He is just annoyed at Coco for being too rough when playing.

Sesame, on the other hand, just enjoyed being home. He wants to go into my room everyday.

Sesame enjoying a neck scratch.

Sleeping on the bed is the best!

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mummymeow said...

Why does Coco jump at Garlic?
My in-laws' dog Bobby likes to roll over their cat. It's the funniest.

Daisy said...

Sometimes doggies can play a little bit rough.

Lux said...

That sounds exciting, Garlic - I'll bet you could chase Coco!

Sesame's got a pretty good idea, though ... :)

katztales said...

Coco will have to learn to play nice or Garlic is going to flatten that little dog! Nice to see them get along. And Sesame looks so content on your bed.

Luna said...

Thats not nice to jump on a cat. Dogs surely play different like cats. Our dog always try to guard us like sheeps. he thinks he is a sheep dog for cats. but he is good friend with our cats.
Sesame looks content on the bed.

Kitikata-san said...

Oh Garlic is such a good kitty! Coco is a good doggie, but he is so much bigger than Garlic, and it is no fun to be pounced on by a big one.