Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What is revealed with the lion cuts?

Can you see what I see?

I am sure you can see what I see now.....

Tummy! A big one!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Lions

Its shedding season again and I just could not manage all the fur flying all over the house. So I sent Sesame and Ginger to Cathy to get the lion cut done.

If you have not seen my previous posts about lion cut, this is how it looks!

You can see how round Sesame is after the lion cut.

Both of the seems to love their new fur-cut. And now that their fur is so short, they are allowed into my room.

Enjoying the aircon in my room, on my bed.

Sesame slept all day long!

Ginger loves her new fur-cut so much that she totally forgotten that she is supposed to be mad at me!

If you are interested to get the lion cut for your cat, you can email Cathy at

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More Unpublished Photos - The Girls

Pepper was the most sporting, I do not have to hold her down on my lap.

Pepper being the best actress of them all, pretending to concentrate on the laptop (its not even on!)

Of course, she got bored after awhile.

Then I gotta hold her so that she wont jump from my lap. She was not very happy about that.

Pepper : Enough photos already! I have taken dozens!

Ginger : What is the man with the thing on the face doing?

Ginger : What?!? I am supposed to pretend to look at the laptop?!? But it is not even on!

Ginger : Mummy, when can I go down?

Ginger : Looks like this is gonna take awhile, I might as well get comfortable.

Ginger : OK, this is taking too long. Now I am annoyed!

One of my favorite photo of the bunch.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Ellen for interviewing me. Without her, me and the Spice Cats would never be on Women's Weekly! Thanks Ellen! (You can visit Ellen's blog at Katztales.)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sharlene and Garlic on Women's Weekly

The article is finally out in Women's Weekly Dec 09 issue, after more than 1 year from the interview.

It was 3 months ago, when the photographer showed up unannounced at my doorstep on a Saturday morning. Women's Weekly has forgotten to confirm my photoshoot date with me and imagine my surprise when I greeted him in my pajama! I was barely awake and recovering from a late night-out with some friends. Luckily the make-up artist did a fabulous job in covering my eye bags. Haha....

It turned out to be quite a fun event and both the photographer and make-up artist are extremely patient and friendly. I promised the photographer that I would not use or post the photos he gave me until the magazine is out. Now I can finally post the photos here as well as facebook!

We took about 100+ photos, but Women's Weekly only used 1 photo. We realized that photographing the Spice Cats are extremely difficult, especially if the photographer is a stranger to the cats! The Spice Cats absolutely hated the attention, the gadgets and all the flashes. Luckily my mom came over to help capture the Spice Cats attention, else we would never have a photo with the Spice Cats looking straight into the camera.

Below is the article in the magazine and some of the unpublished photos.

The 1 page article in the Women's Weekly Dec 09 issue.

Garlic : What are you doing?!?! I wanna go down!

Garlic : Mummy, stop pressing me!

Garlic : OK, if I stop moving, will the man go away?

Garlic : Maybe it will be safer if I stay closer to Mummy.

Garlic : Maybe if I stay low behind the laptop, no one can see me.

Sesame : NO! NO! NO! I am not coming out, no matter what you say!

Sesame : This man with the strange thing on his face and the bright lights look weird.

Sesame : I am going back inside my cage.

Sesame : Its so much safer inside.

Watch out for my next post on Pepper's and Ginger's photos from the photoshoot!