Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kitty QA Check

Every 3rd Sunday of the month is Recycling Day. Sometimes I will bring some used boxes home and send them for recycling. The Spice Cats never fail to investigate all the boxes I bring home to make sure that it is indeed good for recycling.

Garlic and Ginger making the round check.

Garlic checking the inside of the box to make sure its clean.

Sesame smelling the box to make sure it doesnt have any weird smell.

Pepper will just supervise from afar.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Doggie Sekinchan 1-Day Trip

Last Friday was Labour Day in Malaysia. Abel and I was invited on a Doggie 1-Day trip to Sekinchan, which was about 1 hour drive from Subang. It was low tide at the beach but the dogs didnt mind.

It was heaven for the dogs as they run free by the beach.

Abel was busy chasing after ALL the female dogs, big or small. Thats Abel kissing one of the females.

That's Abel again, scolded by another female for following her around.

Chloe, a 5 months old female Golden Retriever, simply loves the mud and could not help rolling all over it!

This was how Chloe looked like after all the rolling in the mud.

Abel and Prince, after a shower and waiting to dry.

When all the dogs were dry, we moved on the lunch for the humans, where the dogs waited outside.