Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drinking Habits

Sesame has a different drinking habit than the rest of the Spice Cats. First of all, he is very lazy. He often lie down on the floor when he is drinking. Second, he likes to use his paws to gauge the level of the water in his water bowl. Third, he loves to play with the water in the water bowl. He used to splash the water out with his paws everytime I changed the water. He does that less nowadays.

One of his drinking session. You can see that he is lying comfortably on his stomach while drinking.

Drinking with his paw still inside the bowl.

When he realized that I was snapping phtographs, he looked up at me, but his paw was still inside the bowl.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Walk In The Yard 2

Last Saturday, I took the Spice Cats out for a walk in the yard again. Well, all except for Ginger who refused to come out from behind the curtains.

Sesame dared not move when he was put on the grass.
(I can just imagine him with a Lion Cut now. It seems like he is getting most of the vote! Hehe.)

When he slowly tried to sit up, he got the funniest expression on his face.

He tried to break free from the leash, but I guess he is just too fat to get out of it.

Trying hard to show that he is in control.

He then moved to the porch. I guess he didnt really like the grass.

Mama, can we go back into the house now? Please?

Pepper was also extremely funny on the grass. I have no idea what she was looking at when I took this photo. Then she struggled and managed to break free from the leash and ran back to the door.

Garlic just loves the grass, such heavenly smell.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Who should have the next Lion Cut?

Its the shedding season and the fur is driving my crazy. Normally I only have to vacuum twice a week. Nowadays, I need to vacuum almost EVERYDAY! I am very tempted to send ALL of them to the groomers and have all their fur cut off!

So I am creating a new poll. I have decided to send one of them for a lion cut soon, just havent decided which one yet. So help me decide!

Mommy told me that I shed the most and that I should get a 'Poodle-cut' yesterday. Now I am worried. I don't wanna look like a Poodle!

Below is the results of the previous poll. Most of my readers are cat lovers (no surprised there). What surprises me are there are actually 4% of people who came here neither like cats nor dogs. Strange people.

With this blog dominated by cats, I am actually quite surprised that Winter won the previous poll. So are you a cat-person or a dog-person....or simply both?

Cat-person 53%
Dog-Person 16%
Both 28%
Neither 4%

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Sesame!

Sesame is ONE year old today! How time flies. Seeing him now, it is hard to imagine that he is once just like the kittens I saw at my friend's place.

First week of his life, with his eyes still closed.

Sleeping comfortably with Snoopy.

And without Snoopy. Sesame used to sleep with his mouth open when he was a baby.

When he opened his eyes. Such gorgeous innocent blue eyes.

Isnt he adorable?

Looking at his own reflections on the floor. Just learning to crawl.

This is one of my favourite picture.

This is when he turned into a mischievous little kitten!

About 2 months old and his blue eyes slowly evolved into beautiful deep yellow.

We also realized now that he is gonna grow up to be a handsome, fluffly cat.

And he did! Such a handsome boy now.

Happy Birthday Sesame!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Clearer Photos of The New Borns

I received these photos in my email today. It was taken by a nice lady that went to visit them on Saturday morning and gave them some food. These photos were taken before the mommy cat moved the kittens behind the boxes.

You can clearly see the mummy cat here, a beautiful Calico. There are 5 kittens.

2 blacks, 2 white+tan and 1 white+black

Wait! There is a black kitten with white nose! Might be a tuxedo cat!

I am gonna pay them a visit again soon. Another good friend of ours also bought a pack of kitten food for the mommy. She will be well fed and let's hope she wont move the kittens away.

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Borns

At 7:30am on Sunday morning, I received a SOS sms from a friend, saying that a cat has just given birth in his storeroom. I didnt see the sms until at about 12noon (Becoz I slept at 3:30am!). It is ironic. This good friend of mine are one of those very rare people who have an extreme fear for fur. So extreme that in order to move a soft toy in his car, he has to use a tissue to hold the soft toy because he just could not touch the fur on the soft toy.

I went over to his place at about 6:15pm to take a look at the kittens. Its well hidden in all the boxes. The mother cat hisses everytime we try to go near. That's understandable since she doesnt know us, probably think that we are trying to harm her babies.

A closer look. You can see 2 kittens in this photo. There are actually 5 of them. Such cutie!

I told my friend it is God's way of telling him that its time he overcome his fear of fur. My friend is now feeding the mommy cat with cat food and water, though he tries to stand as far as possible when he does that. We are trying to convince him to adopt 2 of the 5 babies.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Eating from the Floor

The other day when some of my friends came over for mahjong, they commented on the way Sesame actually eats. I know he prefers to eat from the floor, as opposed from eating from the bowl or from my hand. But I never thought that it is funny until my friends pointed it out.

This is what it looks like in the morning. Typical breakfast scenario. I fill the bowl, the boys will come for the first bite, Garlic eats from the bowl, Sesame scoops the cat biscuits out with his paws. You can see what a mess he makes every morning.

I do not bother to clean it up. This because that Sesame will clean it up for me. Normally when I come back from work, the biscuits will be all gone.

As you can see, the boys are the food lovers in the family, especially Sesame. The gals are keeping their figure and don't eat that much.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Little Princess is Not Feeling Well

Ginger has not been talking to me since her bath day last Saturday. This is pretty common. She normally will stay angry for 3-4 days after her bath. But it is unusual for her not to come during dinner time. She loves the wet food I feed her everyday and is normally the first to come for dinner. But for the past 1 week, she has been hiding behind the curtains.

This morning, when I saw her struggling slightly to climb up the stairs, I took her to the vet immediately. She doesn't have a fever, her temparature is normal. The vet then did a simple blood test, everything looks normal. Maybe she is just moody, or maybe she is coming down with an infection. The vet gave her an antibiotic shot, a multi-vitamin tablet and 3 days worth of medication. If her condition doesn't improve in 3 days, I am supposed to bring her back to the vet again for a full blood test.

I hope her condition improves. I miss her company in my bedroom at night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I am NOT supposed to be here

People who know me personally knows that I am supposed to be in Koh Samui right now, getting a good sun tan. I have been planning and looking forward to this trip since March. And just 5 days before my flight, some urgent things came up in the office and I am required to cancel my trip. Although my company is reimbursing all the expenses of the trip, but there is no replacement for the disappointment I felt. My friend went anyway, as it was too late to cancel. So I am left here, stuck in the office.

I went work work on Monday, knowing my friends were enjoying themselves in on the beach. Monday Blues indeed. Then a surprise came after lunch. A bouquet of beautiful pink roses was sent to my office to cheer me up. And it did. It was such a wonderful surprise and gesture. Its great to have wonderful friends. Thanks for cheering me up!

Garlic was the first to check the flowers out.

He took a smell of the beautiful flowers and start munching on one of the leafs.

Sesame just sat beside the flowers and admired it.

Once I put the flowers on a vase, Garlic was the first to check it out again.

So did Sesame. Gee... my 2 boys are such a softie.

The girls are no where to be seen though. Mmmmm...... they don't seemed to be interested in the flowers. But Sesame just sat beside the the flowers, until I moved it away on to the kitchen top.