In Loving Memories

Pepper left us in May 2012 unexpectedly.  Someone found her on the street and I adopted her, without knowing that she is actually pregnant at that time.  She was so small and thin that the vet didn't even know she is pregnant.

She was a very affectionate cat.  She used to sleep with us on the bed, in between me and my husband's pillow.  She sometimes snores too!  She loves cuddles and hugs.  She also loves going with us to the toilet!  We miss her terribly.

Sesame left us in 2010, also unexpectedly.  He was Pepper's son.  Pepper was actually struggling when she was trying to give birth to Sesame.  The vet had to gave her an injection to induce birth, twice.  But luckily Sesame was born fat and active.

Like his mother, Sesame is also a very affectionate cat, but mostly to people he knows only.  He loves to just sit beside me when I am watching TV.  I had him since the day he was born when he was just a tiny kitten.  And he grew up to be the biggest Spice Cats.

A picture of mother and son, the bigger one is the son, Sesame.