Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye Sesame

I have been thinking for a while on how to bid Sesame goodbye. My dad’s comment on facebook inspired me to finally write this post. Quoted from Facebook….

“How not to miss him ?! I still remembered the day Pepper brought him out to this world,and how we enjoyed seeing him growing up and learning how to walk. It was so amazing to see him grown up to be bigger size than his mother, Pepper, and later bigger than Garlic.

Being the youngest in the family, he had left us so unexpectedly! May be his sudden departure is to remind us that our life in this world is so uncertain and we must value all those who are close to us as one day they will depart from us too.

He had brought so much joy to all those who had come into contact with him. It would be so unfair to him if there is no life after death!

So there is life after death, and Sesame's soul had gone to a peaceful place and will reincarnate to a higher form of being in his next life; may be a human.

So let us keep the sweet memory when he was with us, but no with sorrow as always remember he had gone to a better place and better life.”

Sesame, thank you for 5 years of wonderful memories and happy moment you brought into the Spice Cats House. You came into my life totally unexpected, and you left without any warning. I have loved and cherished you with all my heart, and you have become part of my life in every single way. Every part of the house brings back memory of you. Even now, I sometimes half expect to see you waiting for me at the door whenever I come home from work.

I still remember clearly………………

……. When Pepper was at the vet after struggling to give birth to you after more than 16 hours and the vet has to give Pepper 2 injection to induce birth

…….. When I first laid eyes on you at the vet, you fat tiny thing that is happily suckling away

…….. How happy I am that you are suckling day and night when you elder sibling wont even eat

…….. How I weigh you every single day and how proud I am that you gain about 10gram per day.

…….. How excited we all are when you started crawling all over the place before you can even walk

…….. How blue were your eyes when you finally see the world for the first time

…….. How you used to fall asleep on my lap when you were a little kitten

…….. How happy I am when you started eating kitten canned food

…….. How proud I am when you first used the litter box all by yourself!

…….. How hyper active you are, always running up and down

…….. How you love to pounce on people’s feet when you were little!

…….. How you slowly grow, and eventually become bigger than Pepper, then even bigger than Garlic!

…….. How short your furs were when you were a kitten but then how long they became when you got older!

…….. How much time I have to spend to comb you and remove all the matted fur!

…….. How much you love to be brushed

…….. How you always follow me into the bathroom

…….. How you always look down the toilet when I flush

…….. How your god-mom would always carry you into the bathroom with her

…….. How you love to bully Ginger and would never stop even when she hissed at you

…….. How you used to stick your paw into the water bowl and play with the water

…….. How much noise you make when I bath you!

…….. How high you jump when you are playing with the mouse

…….. How you love to sit in front of the small standing fan and enjoy the breeze

…….. How you love flowers and is always the first to smell it

…….. How you love to sleep on my bed and enjoy the aircon and hide under the blanket when it gets too cold

…….. How you would complain even when I just accidently step on your fur

…….. How you would run and hide whenever the vacuum is on

…….. How you love when I mop the house because you can chase after the mop

…….. How you love to be carried and cuddled

…….. How you would greet me at the door whenever I come home from work

…….. How you would respond to my voice and nobody else’s

…….. How you would come running whenever I shake the Brewer’s Yeast bottle, your favourite treat

…….. How you would come and sit by me when I am having dinner alone at home

…….. How I used to show you off to my friends and everyone would be amazed by how big and furry you are

…….. How I would always bring you over to my parents’ place for Chinese New Year

There are just so many things that will continue to stay in my mind for many years to come. May you be happy at the Rainbow Bridge….. you will be remembered always.

I wanted to upload some photos that were taken 1 week before you left us, but somehow seems to have lost the memory card..... so i posted this photo instead.

We love you, Sesame....