Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Messy Eater

Every morning when I wake up and every evening when I come back from work, I find this....

I know who is the culprit. Only Sesame would scoop the catfood out with his paws and eat it from the floor. The rest of the Spice Cats would eat it from the bowl. The thing I do not understand is, how did the catfood get scattered so far away!

Yeah right. Blame it all on me! Hhhmmmppphh!

But I found a solution. I do not leave so much food on the cat bowl now. With less food, the Spice Cats made sure they finish every single bite, including those on the floor. So problem solved! (Oh dont worry, they still get more than enough food. Both Garlic and Sesame are 0.2kg heavier compared to last year!)

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Abel Goes Swimming

Brought Abel to the Responsible Dog Ownership 2008 event at Central Park on Sunday. He was very excited as there were many people and dogs there.

Then I decided to bring Abel for a swim in the lake in the park.

Abel refused to go into the water and I had to pushed him in. He came right up.

I pushed him a few times until he got all his legs in the water. Then he realized its not so bad afterall.

Testing out the fetch game in the water with the leash. I was a bit worried he will swim away!

Then off he went! 1st swimming attempt was quite hilarious as he was splashing water all over the place!

2nd attempt was slightly better and after a few times, no more splashing water :)

He absolutely loves it.

That's me, trying to pull Abel away and trying not to get the poor man all wet.

I didnt bring my camera on Sunday. All the photos are taken by Chew Yean. Thanks CY for the lovely photos!

Also, one of the regular bloggers came by to say Hi to me and Abel. I forgot to ask for her name! So please leave your name here if you read this :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Family Member

Friday night, there is a new addition to the Spice Cats family. A big addition. Due to some personal matters, Abel's family is no longer able to look after him and I decided to take him in.

Abel is very comfortable in the Spice Cats home. He is a very handsome boy.

It doesnt take too long for Winter to make friends with Abel. However, there are still plenty of disagreements and arguements between the 2. As of now, Winter is still the alpha dog.

Abel's first encounter with Garlic. Surprisingly, Winter growl at Abel when he first approached Garlic. I think Winter is trying to protect the Spice Cats :)
But soon, all of them know that Abel is actually harmless.

Abel trying to get Garlic to play ball with him. He keeps doing that to all the cats!

They are great friends now. Sesame and Pepper are also getting used to Abel, only Ginger still hissed and growled everytime Abel is near.

The 2 doggie taking a nap in the house.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kittens Alert

About 2 months ago, after one of the hiking trips, we went to our usual stall in PJ for cendol after lunch. There, we saw a 5 extremely cute kittens with their mother.

The mother, in black, is a small cat. She is not bothered that I went close and check out her kittens, probably used to humans in the busy place.

This kitten, however, hissed at me when I tried to touch it. The mother looked up at me when the kitten hissed, decided that I am harmless, and went back to her afternoon nap.

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