Sunday, September 30, 2012

We are back and Pretty Present!

Mummy finally sat down and got our blog in order!  Its about time!  Mummy also made a very nice background and banner from our photos!   

While mummy is working on on our blog, we made sure we look our best by having a lot of sleep!  Now we can show our pretty faces to the world again!


Someone gave mummy a pretty present.  Mummy said it was from an old friend whom she has not met for a long time.

Garlic : Hmmm...... new Spice Cats?

Garlic : But they don't smell like cats.

Ginger : They look funny as well.  And they don't have fur.

Garlic & Ginger : ***Not impressed***

But mummy loves the present.  She thinks its lovely!  Thanks Elizabeth!