Monday, January 29, 2007

Smooth Operation

First of all, Ginger and Pepper would like to say thanks to everyone for their kind concern. They are both safe and on the way to recovery.

On Friday morning, I arrived at the Vet before 9:50am and waited in the car for the vet to open. I spent the 10 minutes talking to both of them, assuring that everything will be fine and I will be picking them up in the evening. Also told them that there will be a lot of treats waiting for them at home.

Pepper, rubbing her head against the carrier door.... and Ginger, with her not-so-happy look.

After work, I rushed to the vet and arrived 5 minutes just before they close at 7:25pm. The lady at the counter told me that Pepper was still not awake and that maybe I can pick her up the next day. I told her that Pepper HATES staying in a cage alone and I prefer to bring her home. After checking with the vet, she agreed and advised me that no water and food for both of them for the next 3 hours.

When I got home, I carefully carried both of them upstairs to the Spare room. Garlic and Sesame was delighted to see them again but I told them that both Pepper and Ginger needed rest and they can only visit tomorrow. They weren’t very happy with the arrangement but sulkily agreed.

This is Ginger's and Pepper's temporary litter box until they recover as the vet advised against litter sand. Vet actually advised that I use newspaper but i thought kitchen towel will be more hygienic.

Ginger seems to agree with my decision.

I checked on Pepper and Ginger frequently throughout the night. At approximately 11:00pm, I gave them some water and food but they were just too exhausted. Pepper slept most of the time but Ginger, who was fully awake, was extremely angry and gave me A LOT of scolding. I have not heard so much angry 'MEOW' in my whole life.

I AM NOT TALKING TO MOMMY! Except when I am scolding her for bringing me to the vet!

The next morning, I gave Ginger her favorite Whiskas pouch and Pepper favorite RC Sensitive Skin dry food. To my relief, they ate with a big appetite. Pepper was back to her usual self, staying close to me all the time and rubbing her body against my legs and arms (such a loving, forgiving gem!). Ginger was still angry, she sat at the corner of the room most of the time. I skipped gym to stay with them at home.

Pepper, enjoying the Saturday afternoon taking a nap on her favorite mat.

Ginger, also taking a nap, with her usually un-princesslike sleeping posture. You can actually still see the plaster on her wound, which was removed on Saturday night with my trembling hands.

Pepper is delighted when Sesame is allowed to visit, although it is only for a brief amount of time.

On Sunday, they were both feeling very much better and were much livelier. At night, I brought both Ginger and Pepper into my room. Pepper, who was not very used to my room, was very restless and could not sit still. Probably not used to the air-con, she started sneezing and I had to bring her back to the spare room. Ginger, who just loves the air-con, spent the night with me on my bed. She woke up a few times in the middle of the night, demanding for a cuddle, then went back to sleep (Yippie! No more scolding!).

So far, everything looks good and both of them are on the road to recovery.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The BIG Day

Tomorrow is a big day for both Ginger and Pepper. I have made an appointment with a vet at Puchong to bring 2 of them for spaying. Sending them in at 10:00am and picking them up after work at about 6:30pm. I have purposely chosen Friday so that I have time to monitor them at home over the weekend.

I am really quite nervous. I know.... I’s a simple standard operation that the vet probably has done countless of times. But yet, I can’t help but be nervous.

A lot of people have actually asked me,

‘Why spay your cats? That is so cruel!’


‘Oh, they are so cute, why spay them? Why don’t you let them have cute little babies?’

I gotta admit that initially, I had intention to breed Ginger and Garlic and have their cute little babies. But after a lot of thought and after involvement with SPCA, I realized that there are just too many stray and homeless animals out there that desperately need a home. Hundreds of animals have to be put to sleep every month (from SPCA, PAWS, DBKL, etc) because nobody wants them. The world doesn’t need anymore kittens or puppies. If I want kittens or cats, I'll just go to SPCA or PAWS.

I just can’t wait for this whole ordeal to be over and Ginger and Pepper are fully recovered. Right now, I am still debating whether I should let Ginger and Pepper roam the house as usual or keep them both in my spare room for a few days. This is to prevent Sesame from pouncing and wrestling with them on their first few days of recovery.

Oh boy, I just know I’m gonna have sleepless night tonight.

P/S This is my first post without a picture. Will post more pictures next week, after the big operation when I am much calmer and relaxed!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In Memory of Shadow

Time flies. It was June 2006 when Shadow escaped through the back door and never came back. Despite all the posters and the RM500 reward, he was never found.

Shadow is a very laid back cat. He loves lazing around the house. On the weekends when I sleep in, sometimes till 11:00am in the morning, Shadow will be also sleeping, beside me on my bed, till 11:00am.

He is big for his age. The picture below taken when he is just about 8 months old. Unlike other kittens, he is not interested in playing but he loves having people close by.

Shadow, the handsome Lion Cat.

Ginger, at that time still a baby, followed Shadow everywhere. She looked up at him and always stayed close to him. In fact, she is closer to Shadow than she is closer to me.

Baby Ginger, always making sure she is close to Shadow.

Lazing around on a Sunday afternoon.

Sleeping soundly in my room, using my bag as a pillow.

And of course, Ginger is always not far away.

As he is a big cat, he is not intimidated by Winter at all. In fact, he often tries to show Winter that HE is the boss. Winter, of course, with all her love for cats, normally let Shadow have his own way. I am sure Winter misses Shadow as much as I do, as the Spice Cats now are not interested to play with Winter at all.

I am the KING! And you are my servant!

BOW to me, loyal dog servant!

Good Servant. BOW LOWER!

Make sure my ears are clean!


I hope whoever got Shadow now is treating him well.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sleeping Styles, the Cat Way....

Just like human, cats have their own sleeping styles and favorite sleeping positions.

Pepper's sleeping style is the same, every single time.

This is Garlic when he was just 5 months old and still allowed in my room. He loves my comforter. Now my room is off-limits as he sheds too much.

He now sleeps downstairs, with the other Spice Cats.

Baby Sesame, when he was just few weeks old.

Now, he loves the sofa.

Ginger has the most adorable sleeping styles. A lot of times, very 'unprincess-like'.

She does look extremely chubby, before her Lion Cut. But actually its just all fur.

Carpet cat.

Less fur now after the lion cut, but it is slowly growing back. This is one of her favorite sleeping position.

Ginger loves my comforter too.

And she loves it even more with Garlic around.

She just loves Garlic, even without the comforter.

The BEST sleeping position. I wonder if she gets sore neck after that.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Royal Escort

Every morning, at about 7:30am, the Spice Cats would start the royal gathering outside my bedroom door. From inside the room, you can hear some hustling sound and soft banging on the door. At times, you can even hear a few meowing, sometimes so soft that you can barely hear, sometimes so loud that it can even wake you up from your sweet dreams.

They waited patiently, listening closely to what is happening inside the room, as I am preparing for work (Monday to Friday).

At about 8:00am, I opened the door and there they are, 4 of them, patiently waiting in front of the door. Once they see me, they start pushing each other, fighting for a place to brush their head and body against my legs, leaving their soft fur on my black pants (Thank God for Lint Roller!).

I normally will bend down, wish them all good morning and give them all a quick pat on their head. Sometimes, when I am not wearing black, I will pick Sesame up and carry him downstairs, while the other 3 escort me down.

Below are some photos taken just this morning......

Pepper, looking up at me, annoyed that Garlic is pushing her away from my leg.

After some pushing, Pepper finally won a spot on my toes while Garlic can only give me his 'begging' look.

Sesame was smarter. He tried to climb up on my other leg. I quickly told him off firmly as his claws are quite sharp.

Sesame then quickly moved on to the other leg, hoping his mother would share the toes she has won.

Ginger, the little princess, decided that pushing is so 'unprincess-like'.
She looked up at the door and wonder if I am gonna let her in so that she can enjoy some aircon. (You can also see cheeky little Sesame burying his face on Ginger's tail)

After awhile, the Spice Cats were getting bored (as I was busy snapping photos), they decided to entertain themselves while waiting for me to be done.

Sesame and Ginger decided to have some friendly wrestling. (They have become quite good friends and 2 of them wrestling around the house is becoming a common sight.)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Swimming Cat?

The picture below is not one of the Spice Cats. A friend forwarded me this picture and I think it is really cute.

I personally have not come across any cats that can swim (or any that would ever wanna try!). Sesame likes to play with water with his paws, but he hates getting the other part of his body wet. The other 3 spice cats, hate to even get their paws wet.

So, its quite hard for me to believe that cats can swim. The picture doesnt look fake, does it?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Climbers


Finally back to work after a nice long 4 days break. I wanted to take more photos of the Spice Cats during the 4 days break but somehow were just too occupied with other stuff. So to start the new year, here's some cute old photos.....

When Garlic was younger, he was allowed in the room (he does not shed so much then). He and Ginger have this thing about windows. Both of them would squeeze in between the windows and the grill.

Now, Garlic is not allowed in the room anymore as he sheds too much. Even if he is allowed into the room, I don’t think he can fit in between the windows and the grill. He has grown quite chubby since he was spayed. Mmmm….. I wonder how much he weighs now.

Ginger, however, can still fit. But she doesn’t do it very often now. Maybe its not so much fun without Garlic around.

When Ginger was still a baby and have not decided to be the "Pampered Little Princess".

Garlic learnt fast.
(This picture was taken when Garlic was only 4-5 months old)

Shall we go up? Shall we? Shall we?

Well, we know who is the daring one.

The pampered little princess can only observe from below.