Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Climbers


Finally back to work after a nice long 4 days break. I wanted to take more photos of the Spice Cats during the 4 days break but somehow were just too occupied with other stuff. So to start the new year, here's some cute old photos.....

When Garlic was younger, he was allowed in the room (he does not shed so much then). He and Ginger have this thing about windows. Both of them would squeeze in between the windows and the grill.

Now, Garlic is not allowed in the room anymore as he sheds too much. Even if he is allowed into the room, I don’t think he can fit in between the windows and the grill. He has grown quite chubby since he was spayed. Mmmm….. I wonder how much he weighs now.

Ginger, however, can still fit. But she doesn’t do it very often now. Maybe its not so much fun without Garlic around.

When Ginger was still a baby and have not decided to be the "Pampered Little Princess".

Garlic learnt fast.
(This picture was taken when Garlic was only 4-5 months old)

Shall we go up? Shall we? Shall we?

Well, we know who is the daring one.

The pampered little princess can only observe from below.

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