Friday, December 29, 2006

Attack of the FUR!

Ever since I have 4 cats, my house has never been fur-free. EVERYWHERE there is FUR, and I mean really EVERYWHERE! I guess that is the price to pay for having 4 DLH (Domestic Long Hair).

I try to comb them everyday (skipping few days here and there). Sometimes I wonder how can they shed so much and still have so much fur! It is really a puzzle to me.

I am now very very tempted to send Pepper and Garlic to the Pet Saloon for some massive fur trimming!

BEFORE : The Comb

AFTER : The comb

SIDE-VIEW : The Comb


You get the same amount of fur everyday! I think by now, if I have kept all the fur, I would have enough to make myself a cat fur sweater.

Happy Furry New Year Boys, Gals, Cats and Dogs!


Nobody said...

You know what, I would suggest that you vacuum your house everyday and also vacuum your cats everyday. I'm sure they will have "fun" with your vacuum cleaner. :P

Just Sharlene said...

nobody, I vacumn my house twice a week. As for vacumning the cats, haha... they won't go near the vacumn cleaner.

Ginger will disappeared under the sofa....

Garlic will run upstairs...

Sesame will observe the vacumn while staying his distance....

Pepper keeps a very close eye on the vacumn, if the big bad vacumn comes too near....she will attack it with full force!