Tuesday, December 19, 2006

4 days in Cambodia : Day 1 – The Horror of Air Asia

Wanted to post this a bit earlier, but I have been busy working on a few tenders ever since I came back from Cambodia. So much for the holiday mood. Its back to work! Grace gave me an idea to post my Cambodia’s experience by phases …. hehe…Thanks Grace! Check our her little adventures here, they took so much more photos than us!

Overall, I had much more fun in Cambodia than I expected. I initially thought it would be kinda boring, after all its mostly just temples (I am not really a temple person). But to my nice surprise, the temples (or ruins) were really incredible. You can really close your eyes and imagine what it’s like thousands of years ago. I didn’t quite enjoy some of the temples as it was too crowded. And honestly, I sorta got confused on which temples that we actually visited. There were just too many of them!

Day 1 – The Horror of Air Asia

Let’s go back on the first day, Air Asia made it hell for us. I woke up at 6:00am, got ready and got to LCCT by 8:00am to check in for the 10:00am flight (Thanks Mr Rock for sending me to LCCT!).

To our despair, the Air Asia staff told us that out flight have been delayed for 3 hours to 1:30pm due to ‘technical’ problems. Instead of apologizing, the Air Asia staff was very rude. LiSzu gave them a piece of her mind and told them that it is not the way to speak to their customers.

Well Done LiSzu!

So we were stuck in the LCCT with absolutely nothing to do for almost 6 hours before the flight finally took off at 2:00pm. Wasted a whole half day that could have been spent exploring Cambodia!

The hotel pickup service was waiting for us at the Cambodia airport. He offered to bring us around Siem Reap for the next few days, but we have already made prior arrangements to use Mr Rock’s Tour Guide. The guy was really disappointed and we felt kinda bad for him.

After checking into our hotel and calling our Tour Guide, Mr Lyfath, we rewarded ourselves for the long wait by having some beef satay and roast beef, recommended by Mr Rock. It was absolutely delicious! The best satay any of us have ever tasted! A MUST try roadside cuisine in Siem Reap. As for the roast beef, due to communication problem, the beef only arrived 30 minutes later.

As we were running a bit late for sunset, Lyfath gave us a roller coaster drive to Angkor Wat. I had to hold on to our seatbelt. We then went to buy the Angkor Wat passes (we bought just 1 day pass as we are not sure that we wanna see temples for the whole 3 days) and visited Angkor Wat for sunset. It was just way too crowded for us to enjoy ourselves. And it was too cloudy for us to have a nice view of the sunset.

Lyfath then dropped us at the Old Market for some shopping and we then moved on to Blue Pumpkin (also recommended by Mr Rock) for dinner. The food was so-so only (Satay still the best!). After dinner we went back to the hotel to shower and slept early to get enough rest for the sunrise tomorrow.

A lovely temple, but over-crowded with tourists.

Trying to be creative to standout, since there are so many people in the photo.

A side mini-tower in Angkor Wat.

Mmm....the best picture we got of sunset.

Its getting dark but you cant see the sun setting. So we ended up trying to entertain ourselves.

Look out for the 2nd Day in Cambodia... more photos in production.


beekean said...

good, good.. another post bout cambodia... & tat reminds me.. i still havent write bout my shanghai trip... hehe lazy lah me..

I like the first pix...& please remember to put some pixs of mr tour guide ya ;p

katztales said...

Merry Christmas Winter, Pepper, Ginger, Garlic, Sesame and Sharlene!

Just Sharlene said...

beekean, for a picture of our Tour Guide, you gotta wait till Day 3...hehe... so be patient...

kaztales, Merry Christmas to you, Tom, Scoop and Au too!

Huey said...

I saw "Tow-San" (Gambler Goddess) posing,,, try to show "Tow-San" been to Cambodia. :P