Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dogs of Cambodia

After 4 catfur-free days, I am finally back, surrounded by cat fur again. Pepper was the first to come greet me, as usual, asking for a cuddle. Garlic and Sesame looked at me with sleepy eyes and Ginger is no where to be seen. Cats! I do not think they noticed that I am gone for 4 days. Only Winter was absolutely thrilled to see me.

I managed to snap some pictures of the dogs of Cambodia. Like the people in Cambodia, they lead a harsh life. But in a way, they are luckier than most dogs in Malaysia. Almost every house you see has at least 1 dog. There are even houses as small as half of the size of my bedroom, and yet they still own a dog. Our tour guide said he has 5 dogs. People in Cambodia treat the dogs well. They do not kick the dogs or shoo them away even when the dogs come into the shop to beg for food. Cats, however, are nowhere to be seen. Maybe there are just too many dogs walking on the street.

Dogs are a common sight in the street of Cambodia.

A young dog, following a child down the reservoir.

Can you see the dog?

There he is, resting peacefully in a temple.

A sign found at the entrace of almost all the temples. But I guess like the dogs of Malaysia, the dogs of Cambodia do not read.

Pigs of Cambodia!

A Dalmation piggie!

A lovely polka-dot piggie.

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