Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 4 – Bye Bye Siem Reap

We woke early to enjoy the wonderful hotel breakfast one last time before we leave. We left the hotel at 9:00am to get to the airport for our 11:30am flight.

Guess what?

Our flight has been delayed again! Another 3 hours delay to 2:30pm! When asked, the Air Asia staff just replied that there was some re-scheduling of flights. We didn’t even bother to ask anymore.

Instead of being stuck in the airport, I called Lyfath again. He was delighted to receive our call and came right away to bring us to a few more places, FOR FREE!

LiSzu decided she is tired and will stay at the airport, reading her novel. So off 3 of us went.

First place we visit was the reservoir, a local replacement of a beach. People from Siem Reap come to this place for picnic. Its like a local beach replacement.

Picnic boothes setup at the side of the reservoir.

From the reservoir, we took a narrow bumpy short cut to the Silk Farm.

At the Silk Farm, we were taken on a short tour before moving on to the Silk Stores. Stuff there was just too expensive so we all bought small souvenirs for ourselves and a small souvenir for Lyfath to remember us by.

Tiny Yellow Cocoons

Silk making is still very manual in Cambodia.

The last stop was the best, local delicacies! Before we reach there, out of the blue, Lyfath shouted...


CY then with lighting speed took out her camera from her bag and snap here it goes..

Finally, a photo on how Cambodia people transport their pigs. As of why they transport their pigs upside down, we are clueless....

About 1km away, is the local restaurant beside the padi field. Unlike all the restaurants we went to, we actually get to sit on the floor and eat like the local people!

Food was absolutely tasty and delicious (SATAY still the best though). The best was the price. For a complete meal with drinks for the 4 of us only cost USD5.00! Compared to our normal meal of USD5.00 per person (except for SATAY which is much cheaper).

While waiting for food, we took the chance to relax like a local Combodian.

Satay arrives first (the SATAY at the Golden Banana Hotel entrance still the best!)

The other food arrives. Its like meat and taugeh wrapped with roti tissue. DELICIOUS!
Not a very clear photo, taken by the waiter of the restaurant. But the food were YUMMY!

Finally its time for us to go back to the airport again. It’s a sad feeling having to leave Siem Reap and get back to work on the next day.

Bye Bye Siem Reap!


Anonymous said...

Siem Reap, Cambodia was one of the more memorable trips I've had... perhaps even in time to come.

Perhaps it was the temples standing proud and tall still through the test of time, even the fallen dominos were a beautiful sight to behold.

Perhaps it was the quaint little shops lining up the old market, offering a peek of how city life used to be before the influx of tourists we now see decorating the night like neon lights lighthing up the night.

Perhaps it was simply good company whom I had (Li Huan, CY, Sharlene and Lyfath), sharing experiences and laughing ourselves silly along the way... willing our troubles away for just a little while longer.

Memories I've chanced to gain along the way;
Be it good or bad they are here to stay;
Friends I have with me will always make my day;
Give me tomorrow come what may!

Just Sharlene said...

Yes, I agree with Liszu. Siem Reap is definately the most memorable and fun trip I ever had. The food is great, the temples are magnificent, the climbs are challenging, and the company are entertaining.

I hope my next trip would be as fun as this one.