Friday, June 29, 2007

Caught in the Act Again!

Just 3 weeks ago I caught Ginger climbing on top of Garlic and gave Garlic a big kiss (You can read about it here). Last weekend, as Garlic was sleeping quietly behind the door, Ginger went and lay down beside him and gave him a kiss AGAIN!

Caught in the act again! Ginger definately has a crush on Garlic!

Garlic then woke up and Ginger tried to invite Garlic to play by rolling over.

Garlic was obviously not impressed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not Best Friends Yet

Sonia came to pick up Scarlett on Monday night. Sscarlett made good progress in the Spice Cats' in the short 6 days. Well, they are not best friends but they tolerate each other's presence and there are no 3rd cat fight, although there are still on and off hissing.

The 2 ginger cats got to stay in my room at night, one on top of the bed, and the other at the bottom.

Ginger looking up at me and Scarlett. She did not dare to come on the bed while Scarlett is on it.

Scarlett explored further on Saturday. She tip-toed down the stairs, with Sesame watching very closely.

Scarlett then explored the Laundry Room, but she was very careful when she came out. Any sudden wrong move around Pepper may cause unpleasant cat fight.

Scarlett tip-toed out, no cat fights but Pepper and Ginger were watching her every move.

The cats then settled down for an afternoon nap. Pepper and Scarlett made huge progress, considering that they just faught underneath the same table just 4 days ago.

Sesame obviously felt relax around Scarlett.

And Garlic made sure that he did not wake anybody up.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

1st Cat Fight!

Scarlett is staying with us for 1 week while her mommy goes to Cambodia. I know Scarlett for a while now and she always sits on my lap when I go visit them. She is a very sweet cat though she bosses the dogs around quite a bit. So I was quite excited to introduce Scarlett to the Spice Cats so they can be friends.

Sonia brought Scarlett over to my place on Tuesday night. Scarlett was already very grumpy as she has been to the vet earlier that morning. Having seen the 4 Spice Cats, Scarlett wasn’t very happy and hissed at them from Sonia’s arms. Sonia tried to calm Scarlett for a while, then put Scarlett down on the dining room chair.

Scarlett then jumped down from the chair. Pepper was the first to go up to Scarlett. But Pepper went up to Scarlett too near and too fast. They were staring at each other face to face and Scarlett hissed at Pepper and slapped Pepper with her paws. Pepper wasn’t very happy and they fought! The very 1st Cat Fight in my house! Gosh!

I was a bit stunned and you can hear the loudest cat fight in the house! The fight didn’t last long and it ended with Scarlett running away and jumping on the kitchen top which Pepper chasing after her. Sonia quickly picked her up from the kitchen top. Scarlett was growling and hissing at Pepper from Sonia’s arms. I raised my voice at Pepper and she ran away to the living room. Gosh! What a drama!

We then decided that Scarlett is not going to make friends with the Spice Cats and brought Scarlett upstairs into the Cats’ Room where she will most likely spend most of her time in the Spice Cats house.

Oh yeah, did I mentioned that Sesame was so scared with the whole thing that he went to hide on the stairs? Well, so much of being the biggest Spice Cats.

Scarlett on Wednesday morning, still a bit grumpy.

Scarlett on Wednesday night, much nicer and allowed into my room.

Scarlett, settling down in my room.

When I opened my room's door to go get some water, Scarlett rushed out and bumped into Pepper again, who is sitting outside my room. Gosh! Another cat fight! Scarlett ran back inside my room and hid under the bed, with Pepper chasing her. I had to shout at Pepper again to get out of the room. Poor Scarlett. They are obviously NOT going to get along.

After a few hours, I decided to introduce Scarlett to Garlic, so I brought Scarlett back into the cats' room. Scarlett hissed at Garlic at first. But when Garlic kept his distance and did not hiss back, Scarlett calmed down a bit.

"You big bad white cat, you better not come near me!"

"But I just wanna play, please? Pretty please?"

They settled down, but kept their distance. Its good progress considering the cat fight earlier. You can always count on Garlic to calm a cat down.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Litter Box


I've been looking around for a covered Litter Box around my neighbourhood pet store for sometime now. And last week, I saw one and immediately bought it. I am just tired of always having to clean the litter sand all around the litter box.

The 2 male Spice Cats were the first to check it out.

Garlic gave it a thorough check, from the front to the back.

I put Garlic into the Litter Box first. They need to learn to use the plastic door.
He just sat there, looking at me, confused.

Sesame tried to get him out.

When Sesame failed, they both just sat there, looking at me, confused.
Mmmmm....the Spice Cats are not very bright, are they?

I got Garlic out and put Sesame inside the Litter Box.

Sesame tried to get out, but failed.

Garlic tried to get Sesame out, but failed.

I then showed them how to operate the door. Not sure whether they got it though.

Since the Spice Cats are not that smart. I removed the door so that they will get used to the new Litter Box. Maybe I will put the door back on this weekend.

Ginger and Pepper are smarter. They managed to get out from the Litter Box in less than 1 minute. Female are smarter? Mmmm....

So I close the Laundry Room door (the old Litter Box was in the Laundry Room) and kept my fingers crosed that the Spice Cats will use the new Litter Box. And they did :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Chubbiest Spice Cat

Sesame has grown so big and chubby so fast that it amazed me. When Pepper gave birth to Sesame, I expected Sesame to be short haired, like the typical Malaysian stray cat. Pepper was a stray after all and we thought Sesame's father is a typical stray cat. Well, I was VERY wrong. Sesame is now the biggest Spice Cats, taking over Garlic. His fur is also incredibly thick and curly on his neck and tummy. Although not as playful as when he was a kitten, he is still very active and loves a good game with the furry mouse.

Sesame loves his daily Brewers Yeast tablet. All I have to do is shake the bottle and he will come running. And if you are not careful, he will also steal Ginger's or Pepper's tablet. Garlic does not like Brewers Yeast.

When I weighed him at the vet last month, he was 3.3kg. I wonder what he weighs now. I will be bringing him to the vet for his yearly vaccin in August (he will be 1 year old in August!). Am really looking forward to see how much weight he can put on by then.

The chubbiest Spice Cat

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Furry Toy

Recently I bought another furry mouse for the Spice Cats. This one sits on top of a spring and can be put into the sratching board.

Ginger and Pepper were the first to check it out.

But when Sesame saw it, he was totally obsessed by it.

He spent hours sitting beside the mouse and playing with it.
Garlic as usual, is not interested in the furry mouse at all.

The next morning when I woke up, the mouse is gone. I suspect Sesame got it hidden somewhere, probably under the sofa.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Caught in the act!

Garlic was sleeping under the dining table and Ginger just climbed on top and kissed him!
Ginger, that is so unlady-like! I didn't know you have a crush on Garlic!

What? What did I do wrong?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Outdoor Adventure

About 2 weeks ago, I brought the Spice Cats out to the front lawn. One by one of course, could not handle bringing all of them out at the same time. I didn't manage to snap many photos as I was too busy holding the Spice Cats and making sure they do not run away. Well, they did try to get back into the house as soon as I took my hands off them. They were extremely nervous staying on the grass. Unfamiliar territory.

Ginger was the only one that sat there long enough for me to snap a few photos, before she also ran back inside the house.

I think she looks absolutely beautiful sitting on the grass. Though you can see that she was too afraid and nervous to even stand up.

A closer view. Mmmm..... I need to take more outdoor photos of them more often.