Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not Best Friends Yet

Sonia came to pick up Scarlett on Monday night. Sscarlett made good progress in the Spice Cats' in the short 6 days. Well, they are not best friends but they tolerate each other's presence and there are no 3rd cat fight, although there are still on and off hissing.

The 2 ginger cats got to stay in my room at night, one on top of the bed, and the other at the bottom.

Ginger looking up at me and Scarlett. She did not dare to come on the bed while Scarlett is on it.

Scarlett explored further on Saturday. She tip-toed down the stairs, with Sesame watching very closely.

Scarlett then explored the Laundry Room, but she was very careful when she came out. Any sudden wrong move around Pepper may cause unpleasant cat fight.

Scarlett tip-toed out, no cat fights but Pepper and Ginger were watching her every move.

The cats then settled down for an afternoon nap. Pepper and Scarlett made huge progress, considering that they just faught underneath the same table just 4 days ago.

Sesame obviously felt relax around Scarlett.

And Garlic made sure that he did not wake anybody up.


Lux said...

Great pictures - they seem to tell a story! And the ending was happy.

Gattina said...

So cute this "cartoon" ! It's exactly like here only that my "Scarlett" is so little ! But she behaves already like a big cat it's so funny to see this miniature cat having the same attitudes and gestures ! The worst is Pookie, she tolerates her but no question of acceptance ! Rosie attacks Arthur by jumping around him and when he stretches out a paw to play with her she jumps back and blows up to a little fur baloon ! But Arthur doesn't care I sometimes even have the impression that he laughs ! And I have my fun in there, except it hurts my heart to see Pookie so unhappy.

DEBRA said...

Those were some great pictures. I especially loved the ones of Scarlett looking around the corner in the laundry room, and also sneaking down the stairs. She was very cautious. I think if the stay had been longer they would have all made friends!


Dragonheart said...

Terrific photos! It is nice of you to cat-sit Scarlett while her human is away.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Look at that wonderful floofy belly! You all did a furry nice job of catsitting for Scarlett. I'll bet that she secretly enjoyed visitin' with you all and will be kinda lonely without you.

TorAa said...

Fascinating pictures. They illustrate very well cats nature.

I would believe, they in a short time will accept each other - do they really have a choice?

Great post

muffinmidi said...

I think the cats did well together, considering the way they started out.I love the pictures.They captured everyone's

Christine and FAZ said...

Scarlett seems to be settling in very well. Some great photos from a cat's eye perspective. FAZ

Deana said...

Man Ginger cat looked pissed in her photo...that was too funny! I just love to watch mine inner act...those little egos get them all worked up!

Great pics to tell the story.

Kitikata-san said...

Your kitties are so nice to the guests. I hope next time Scarlett is a guest, she learns that your cats are very nice.

小芥 michico said...

Great pictures~!

Pelud said...

The Spice cats are nice kitties. Ginger looked a little pissed off for not getting to sleep on the bed. New cat on the blog likes to take refuge under the dinning table. Aha, there are nice new photos of the Spice cats and the Spice dog for the blog - cute

Blondie said...

Your photos are wonderful!! I love coming here to see the babies. It makes my day.