Thursday, June 21, 2007

1st Cat Fight!

Scarlett is staying with us for 1 week while her mommy goes to Cambodia. I know Scarlett for a while now and she always sits on my lap when I go visit them. She is a very sweet cat though she bosses the dogs around quite a bit. So I was quite excited to introduce Scarlett to the Spice Cats so they can be friends.

Sonia brought Scarlett over to my place on Tuesday night. Scarlett was already very grumpy as she has been to the vet earlier that morning. Having seen the 4 Spice Cats, Scarlett wasn’t very happy and hissed at them from Sonia’s arms. Sonia tried to calm Scarlett for a while, then put Scarlett down on the dining room chair.

Scarlett then jumped down from the chair. Pepper was the first to go up to Scarlett. But Pepper went up to Scarlett too near and too fast. They were staring at each other face to face and Scarlett hissed at Pepper and slapped Pepper with her paws. Pepper wasn’t very happy and they fought! The very 1st Cat Fight in my house! Gosh!

I was a bit stunned and you can hear the loudest cat fight in the house! The fight didn’t last long and it ended with Scarlett running away and jumping on the kitchen top which Pepper chasing after her. Sonia quickly picked her up from the kitchen top. Scarlett was growling and hissing at Pepper from Sonia’s arms. I raised my voice at Pepper and she ran away to the living room. Gosh! What a drama!

We then decided that Scarlett is not going to make friends with the Spice Cats and brought Scarlett upstairs into the Cats’ Room where she will most likely spend most of her time in the Spice Cats house.

Oh yeah, did I mentioned that Sesame was so scared with the whole thing that he went to hide on the stairs? Well, so much of being the biggest Spice Cats.

Scarlett on Wednesday morning, still a bit grumpy.

Scarlett on Wednesday night, much nicer and allowed into my room.

Scarlett, settling down in my room.

When I opened my room's door to go get some water, Scarlett rushed out and bumped into Pepper again, who is sitting outside my room. Gosh! Another cat fight! Scarlett ran back inside my room and hid under the bed, with Pepper chasing her. I had to shout at Pepper again to get out of the room. Poor Scarlett. They are obviously NOT going to get along.

After a few hours, I decided to introduce Scarlett to Garlic, so I brought Scarlett back into the cats' room. Scarlett hissed at Garlic at first. But when Garlic kept his distance and did not hiss back, Scarlett calmed down a bit.

"You big bad white cat, you better not come near me!"

"But I just wanna play, please? Pretty please?"

They settled down, but kept their distance. Its good progress considering the cat fight earlier. You can always count on Garlic to calm a cat down.


Pelud said...

It is like looking at myself when I was with the Spice cats. Scarlett had the same facial expression like me. I hissed but never fought with the Spice cats. I like Garlic who never hisses at me. Pepper and I never clicked, cat fight,no.

Blondie said...

You are so good to cat sit for your friends!!!

DEBRA said...


It's OK all the Spice Cats are really really nice.


DK & The Fluffies said...

WOW what a day for all the spice cats.

Gledwood said...

Hi I love this blog ... and wow! Living in Malaysia! ... do they bring some really exotic things through the door ...? I wouldn't even like to suggest what... don't you get some enormous creepie crawlies out there? My ex went out to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, said the sea was WONDERFUL really hot, like a turquoise bath!!
I'm at gledwood2.blogspot you're welcome to come by any time. Please leave a message if you do~ I love this blog.
Take care and all the best
"vol 2" ..

katztales said...

I'm so amazed that the spice cats took well to prelude and the visiting kitten. Scoop and Au aren't tolerant at all! But from this post it looks like there is a spot of alley cat in your kitties after all!

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

Yeah, Pepper was a stray and she knows how to fend for herself. She is probably annoyed by Scarlett hissing and slapping her. As for the other 3 Spice Cats, they will probably just run away if that happens.

Gattina said...

I think they all reacted like normal cats, poor Scarlett suddenly dropped in the middle of the Spica cats and Pepper of course wanted to defend his territory. With the time it will get better, they still may hiss at each other like Pookie and Lisa (even after 5 years of life together) but nothing more. I am a little in the same case as you because now they don't hiss at Rosie anymore, but they still are not feeling well in her presence and the little thing thinks she is a big cat and blows herself up with a thick tail and menacing pose ! 4 adults against 1 baby !

Kitikata-san said...

Garlic is the nicest kitty. I hope Scarlett learns to love her new friends. BTW, I like Scarlett's coloring. It reminds me of somebody.

muffinmidi said...

It sounds like typical cat behavior.When a friend of mine brought a kitten by to see how she would react to strangers Muffin got all upset.His Majesty hissed at the poor kitten, then looked at me in disgust and pooped on the carpet. I got the message.
Cats are territorial.
Tracy (Muffin's Mommy)
PS Did the cats ever figure out how to use the litter box door?

Sonia said...

This is Scarletts Mother. I am horribly disappointed in her rudeness... yes ok so I'd taken her to the vet in the morning who had taken blood and then stabbed her in a muscle which really stung (steroid injection)... but to make such a fuss in someone elses house? I'm ashamed. And i told her so :)

I just got back and went and picked her up. They had all come to terms with each other by that point - but Scarlett is very vocal (Annoyingly) and the Spice Cats are wonderfully silent... so I arrived to Scarlett stalking round the living room chatting away to herself and to Sharlene and all the lovely Spice Cats watching. Until they saw me and came to say hi.

They really are such lovely cats - all of them. And having had a persian myself I really admire Sharlene for her ability to keep them looking so lovely and her house from looking like a furball! Never again will I have a long haired cat!

Thanks Sharlene and the Spice Cats xxx

Phantasma said...

You're cat sitting again!! Congrats for being such a good host :)

Man, I wish I could get my cats out ASAP. I'm starting to get impatient by the day.

Anyhow, I'm sure Scarlet will be friends in no time :) Have a good stay Scarlet!