Monday, July 27, 2009

Benefits of owning a Short-Haired Cat

Pelud is staying with me for 6 weeks. She is actually up for adoption. A gorgeous 3-year old white short-haired female cat. However, she dislikes other cats and children. So we are looking for a single cat house with no children for her.

Pelud, looking simply beautiful.

You see, having a short haired cats has its own benefits. One main one is.......

FUR!!! Almost every week, I sit down with the scissors, a matted hair comb and a brush (forgot to take those photos) to trim the matted hair on the Spice Cats (they take turns). These are Sesame's fur. And this is on top of the almost daily brushing and vacumming. Its amazing how much fur they have!

Hhmmppphhhh !! I am still the most cute and adorable, matted fur or not!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sulawesi's Furries

I went for a 1 week holiday to Manado, Sulawesi end of last month. The Bunaken Village Resort I stayed for 4 nights has a bunch of furries to accompany us throughout the day. The owner of the resort has 3 dogs, and 2 cats.

The pretty kitties at Bunaken Village Resort.

They live outdoors and use the trees as their scratching post.


One of the doggie having an afternoon nap.

Life is good.

The neighbouring resort also has 3 dogs, which often come over to the beach on our side to play.

We also went out to the sea in search of dolphins....and found them!

I was very excited as this is the first time I see dolphins in the wild.

And the owls are really tame and friendly too!

They also love to cuddle and to be stroke.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Doggie Day Out at Sekinchan

I have been neglecting my blog. First it was work, the it was holiday, and when I wanted to update it, I could not access google for a few days. So here is my new post after the long absence.

Last Sunday, me and Abel followed a group of friends to Sekinchan. It was a lot more fun than the last trip as the dogs get to swim in the swimming pool as well as the sea!

Some action at the restaurant where we had lunch, and they are both male!

Smelling action.

Zeus, a 3 months old Male Maltese. Extremely cute.

Abel just love soaking in the swimming pool, with his toy, of course.

Abel got a new admirer, a male admirer. Sparky followed Abel everywhere and could not take his eyes off Abel.

Then off to the beach!

All the Golden Retrievers, being natural swimmers, love it.

Abel, being followed everywhere by his new admirer.

Retrieve Competition! And yes, the one with the water bottle is Abel!

After all the playing, Abel was exhausted and slept for hours.