Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Gift from Scarlett's Mom

Scarlett's Mommy bought the Spice Cats a nice little toy before she left for London. The Spice Cats were curious about it at first, but unfortunately, they got tired of it and never bothered to play with it again.

Garlic and Sesame were the first to check it out. Take note of the nice pink feather at the top.

Followed by Pepper. But Pepper quickly lost interest in the toy.

Then Garlic started chewing on the pink feather.

This is how the pink feather looked like AFTER Garlic had finished with his chewing.

It is Garlic's toy for a little while. He wouldn't let go of it.

He kept it close to him.

After Garlic got bored with it, its Sesame's turn. As usual, being his lazy self, he played with it while lying on the floor.

Then he rolled to a comfortable position to take a nap. I guess playing can be tiring.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Sesame's New Crush

Sesame does appreciate beautiful things. He loves flowers and now he also loves teddy bears.

Sesame smelling the cute little teddy bear.

A close up. You can actually see that he is giving the teddy bear a kiss on the lips!

BTW, Sesame's nose is almost completely healed. Sesame thank all the lovely people and kitties that are so concerned about him.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eating Together

The cats have made more progress over the week. There are less hissing and now they have started to eat together.

Scarlett walking over to join Garlic and Ginger for dinner.

Scarlett, taking over Ginger's place. And no cat fights nor hissing!

Scarlett and Garlic, eating together.

On another note, I found Sesame with a bloody nose last week. It is extremely strange. Doesn't look like a scratch mark so my guess would be that he jumped and hit on something and cracked his nose. As it was still a bit bloody on Sunday, I brought him to the vet. He is now on antibiotics and healing nicely.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You

DailyMuscle, who I have been talking and discussing a lot about Health and Fitness with, brought this interesting seminar to my attention. I then recall that when one of my very good friend's dad was diagnosed with cancer, another friend photocopied a few pages of this book for me to pass to my friend's dad. I myself read through what was in that very few pages and found it to be very interesting. So, I have decided to attend and meet Dr Ray Stand in person.

*Tickets are priced at RM20 each

Venue: Gurney Hotel
Date: 14 Sept (Friday)
Time: 8.00 - 10.00pm

Venue: Sime Darby Convention Centre
Date: 15 Sept (Sat)
Time: 2.00 – 4.00pm

For more info and to book your tickets:
Email enquiry@dailymuscle.com or call:
Myrna Widlend @ 017 689 9254
Noel Chelliah @ 012 665 4206

Seats are limited.. so act now!

Wow! I didnt know such book exist either. I wonder if there is a book called "What Your Vet Doesn't Know About Tuna and Catnip May Be Killing You". Too bad I can't follow mommy to the talk.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Scarlett Adapting Slowly

Scarlett has been in the Spice Cats house for 1 week now. And she is slowly adapting. There are no cat fights, just some hissing here and there. Hissing are getting less too :)

Pepper and Scarlett are not a each other's throat. They can stand being close to each other, but not too close though.

They don't eat together either. Not yet.

Scarlett is a bit more bold with Garlic, maybe because Garlic hardly hisses back.

Scarlett is trying to get some food while Garlic is eating. But Garlic walked away when Scarlett got closer.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007


I reached home late on Tuesday night as I went to sign up at the new gym (Yes! I am changing gym! Finally after almost 5 years in the same gym!). I opened the door and what a mess!

There were red bubbles everywhere! All over the floor and red stains too!

A closer look. The red stains took ages for me to clean up. Had to use Clorox.

This was the original container. One of the Spice Cats must have jumped onto the table (which they are not allowed!) and spilled the container!

After about 45 mins, all the red bubbles are back into the nice glass and the floor is clean again. I am so glad they didnt break the glass. It was a present from a good friend.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

A Tenant for 5 Months

Scarlett will be staying in the Spice Cats house for 5 months while her mommy is back in London. Scarlett arrived last night at about 845pm. I was slightly (just slightly) worried that there might be another cat fight (Read about the 1st cat fight here). But there were no cat fights. There were some hissing, but no cat fights.

Scarlett came just in time for dinner. She ate, and the Spice Cats watched.

Sesame watched very closely. He is always the first to reach the food, but this time he lets Scarlett eats first.

Sesame waited patiently for Scarlett to finish before his turn to eat.