Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eating Together

The cats have made more progress over the week. There are less hissing and now they have started to eat together.

Scarlett walking over to join Garlic and Ginger for dinner.

Scarlett, taking over Ginger's place. And no cat fights nor hissing!

Scarlett and Garlic, eating together.

On another note, I found Sesame with a bloody nose last week. It is extremely strange. Doesn't look like a scratch mark so my guess would be that he jumped and hit on something and cracked his nose. As it was still a bit bloody on Sunday, I brought him to the vet. He is now on antibiotics and healing nicely.

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Gattina said...

These are very nice news except of course poor Sesame with his boxer nose. Hope he doesn't suffer. I called my neighbor to have news of my little darlings they are all OK and Lisa is back to her old self, standing every morning at the neighbor's door and waits to be fed !!

Dragonheart said...

Poor Sesame! I am glad he is healing.

Also glad that all the cats are getting along better, especially at mealtime! :)

Tashasc30 said...


Deana said...

Poor little Sesame!

Every now and then when Baby and Darius are eating side by side one of them will reach over and pop the other right on the head. It is actually kind of funny. They don't really fight anymore but it is a "I could still kick your butt if I wanted to!"

Daisy said...

That is very wonderful that Scarlett can eat out of the same food-dish. Me and Pixie must have our own bowls or we would fight.

Poor Sesame, I hope your nose feels better soon. That looks very hurty!

Luna said...

Poor Sesame ! I hope he is better now.
It is good your cats can eat together. Our cats groan each other away. It is rare, that they eat together, only if I cook meat for the cats.

*Have a nice day*

Henry Helton said...

Sesame! I hope your okay. I hope however it happened didn't hurt too bad.

michico 小芥 said...

The last picture is scary~! Is he getting better now?

Christine and FAZ said...

Poor Sesame but good news about the happy meal times. FAZ

p.s. I don't think I would like to share though

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Oh no, poor Sesame! I hope he gets better soon! He's still very good-looking though, that handsome cat (^^ )!

Blondie said...

Poor little boo boo. Such an awful place to have a scratch. OUCH!