Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Day 2 – The amazing Angkor Wat

The very next day, we woke up at 4:15am (Its 5:15am Malaysian time and we consoled ourselves by saying its not that early after all). We depart from the hotel at 5:00am to catch the sunrise in Angkor Wat.

Honestly it was quite disappointing. It was too crowded and we did not really see the sun. Basically it’s just the sky slowly lighting up. Mmmm…maybe I am just not a sunrise kinda person. After the sun is up, we hang around to take more photos of Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat in the morning

At about 7:00am we left Angkor Wat and head towards the Ladies Temple which is quite far away (I forgot how far). Throughout the journey, Lyfath kept telling us…

“Tell Sek he looks like Golden Banana boss.”
“Poh has nice hair and he very smart.”
“Susan very happy, she always smile.”
“Grace has sweet face.”
“They all very good.”

He also showed us a photo he took with the 4 wonderful Malaysian that went just 1 week before us. Also showed us the angpow paper that they used to give him the tips. It was a very entertaining journey.

Breakfast at a local stall was delicious despite the fact that CY found a cockroach in her coffee (which they changed for CY) and LiSzu found a cockroach leg in her beef noodle soup (which we continued eating anyway). We all thought that the beef noodle soup tasted the best. Too bad we didnt take any photos of that!

As we moved on from one temple to another, I slowly started to be fascinated by the amazing workmanship of each of the temples. I lost touch on which temples we visited, have to compare the photos with the Angkor Wat book to refresh my memories. But a few temples stuck in my memory, The Ladies Temple, The Coiled Serpent and The Jungle Temple.

The Ladies Temple

The Coiled Serpent

The Jungle Temple

Huge roots that look like a huge snake.

Can you see the cute little insect hiding in between the roots?

At some of the temples, its actually quite a challenge to climb to the top as the some of steps are very small and steep. Some are as small as only 2 inches! Cambodia people must have very small feet last time!

Mmm.... Don't remember which temple is this.

But this sign give us a 2nd thought about climbing all the way up.

We tried anyway. The challenge is actually climbing back down!

By 3:30pm, we told our lovely Tour Guide that we had enough of the temples (I think we must have visited close to 10 temples by then). So he then recommended us to visit one last temple on the mountain (which I do not remember the name). It was really worth the visit. The climb to the top was tough as the steps were small and steep but it was worth it. From the top of the temple, we can see Tonle Sap Lake, Angkor Wat as well as the Hot Air Balloon. I think the sunset here would be gorgeous too but none of us are much of a sunset person anyway, so we did not stick around waiting for the sunset.

You can opt to pay USD15.00 per person for the elephant ride to the mountain top but we decided to walk.

Yeay! We climbed all the way to the top!

Fantastic view from the top.

Climbing down was another big challenge but look at Li Huan's satisfied smile for accomplishing the task.

For dinner, guess what?

Yes, we had Satay again! This time 40 huge sticks! Enough to fill 4 of us up. We then go back to the hotel to shower and rest before going for a Foot Massage at the Island. Too bad no photos of that too!

Here are a few more photos of the temples which I cant recall the name...

Tune in for Day 3, which will be soon........


Anonymous said...

cant recall the name......
Agent: where u wan to go?
Woon: here, here name, my friend cant recall the name
by the way, feeling to go after saw the photos

Just Sharlene said...

Woon, Haha.... if you wanna go, just tell the Tour Guide, Lyfath, you wanna go to the same place as Sharlene...and he will take you! Else, you just print out the photos and show him! Hehe...

Go! Go! Go while you are still young!

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