Monday, September 29, 2008

Animals of Europe

I went on a 17 days holiday to London, Scotland and Paris. During the 17 days, I have the honored to come in contact with many of the wonderful animals in Europe.

The beautiful swans at Kingston.

The friendly pigeon at Paris.

The 2 playful doggies in Landford, England.

The slug in Landford.

The pig at Landford.

The sheeps at Corfe Castle, England.

The doggie, who looks like a mop, in Edinburgh.

The dog at Edinburgh, Scotland.

The dog in Lake District.

2 other dogs at Lake District, dogs are allowed on boats!

The horses at Landford.

Horses by the roadside at Landford. They roam free.


Daisy said...

Those are lots of fabulous animals! I wonder what that slug is eating? Because maybe my friend Snail would like to try it, too.

katztales said...

Hey what about the rugger buggers in the UK? they're animals too but not as good looking as the mop dog, shaggy sheep and cuddly pig :-)

Sonia said...

Where is Spike? :)

michico*Adan said...

So so many different animals~!! How great~!!!
Looks that you have a wonderful trip!

mummymeow said...

i went to paris too! nice but cold.....17 days away from spice cats! they must have missed u a lot that time.

Kitikata-san said...

I love all the animals you saw! I like the little piggy, and the rest. I bet when you saw all the animals, it reminded you of the Spice Kitty Cats and Winter right?

Sarah said...

The slug looks like its eating an egg. Those swans are just beautiful. What a lovely vacation you had!

Lux said...

How great that you got to take such a trip and see such cool animals! Well, I'm not sure about the slug. ;-)