Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Star of the Day

Sesame photo was features in the Star on Saturday! Below is a snapshot of Sesame in the Malaysian newspaper. The article talks about long-hair cats and featured a photo of Sesame with his lion cut. You can also read more about it at http://www.lepak.com/katztales.html

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mummymeow said...

Ya boy! Sesame is a big star. Actually, i didn't realise that's him with the lion cut until i looked closer.

Is Sesame the biggest in size now? He's bigger than his mommy Pepper.

Big rubs for Sesame!

Luna said...

Wow, Sesam is famous. How exciting to be in the newspaper ?
Sesam looks good with his Lioncut. Luna has long fur too and she don´t like it to be combed. I cut sometimes a few hairs and knots.

Sarah said...

Awesomeness!! Sesame's now a celeb!!!

katztales said...

Teehee, thanks for the plug! And cuddles for Winter, Garlic, Sesame, and the other spice cats!

whatloknows said...

That is so neat. You are a beautiful kitty.

All of your kitties are super gorgeous, I jst wana scoop em up and hug on em!

Yay! for the photo in the paper. Good job!

Lux said...

Very cool - you go, Sesame!

Kitikata-san said...

Sesame, you are famous now! Well, you and the Spice kitties have always been famous to me.