Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Spice Cats at their vacation homes

I came back from my holiday on Sunday afternoon and missed the Spice Cats so much that I went to pick all of them up on Sunday itself!

Below are same photos of the Spice Cats at their vacation home. Thanks Daniel and Haw Ying!

Ginger and Pepper at Haw Ying's (Pelud's mom).

Garlic never hang around much at the stairs at the Spice Cats house. He seems to like the stairs at Haw Ying's. He back on his usual self on Monday, meowing, massaging and following me around.

Ginger being the curious one at Haw Ying's. She is still not speaking to me, only coming to me during feeding time.

Sesame and Pepper went to Daniel's house (Scarlett's dad). This photo is lovely! You can see how much bigger Sesame is!

They get to sleep on Daniel's bed! Pepper is obviously enjoying herself. She is back to her old self on Monday too.

Sesame was the sweetest. He missed me so much that he followed me all over the house the minute he got home. He also followed me to my room, jumped on my bed and rolled around!

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Sarah said...

Welcome home sharlene!
Welcome home kitties ^_^

DEBRA said...

Welcome home...and those are some nice spicy kitties...


Deana said...

Sounds like everyone enjoyed their vacation but are happy to be home sweet home!

slyn said...

very cute!! home sweet home!

Gattina said...

It seems they had very nice holidays too !
I don't know why Kim suddenly becomes a shorthair cat. Not really short but her hairs don't grow as long as they used to grow and around her neck she has completely lost this lion look !
I see the spice cats are still the same !

poppymeow said...

nice to see the spice cats again! always cheers me up.
pepper has the same fur colour as poppy, only that her fur coat is much thicker and nicer! too cute...

Lux said...

Welcome home to you! Hi, Spice Kitties!

katztales said...

Good to see you all back. How was the UK?

Anonymous said...

The Spice cats adjusted well to their vacation homes. Meow.
Pelud's mum

Kitikata-san said...

Spice Kitties have very nice vacation homes. I am glad you are with Spice Kitties again after your vacation. I miss my humans when they leave too. I follow the humans around a lot too after they are gone for a long time.

Farah said...

Welcome home Sharlene!
I missed your post!
I missed spice cat!
I missed everything here!

whatloknows said...

Gorgeous and super cute kitties!

Found your blog thru another cat lovers.

We have four cats!!!!!

Check out their photos via blog.