Thursday, September 28, 2006

Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Last Sunday, 24th September 2006, me and another friend volunteered at the SPCA booth at this wonderful event organized by at Central Park, Bandar Utama. Although this is not my first time volunteering for SPCA, this is my first time being to a Doggie event with so many dogs around!

I woke up at 8:00am on a Sunday morning (for those who knows me, knows how I hate to wake up so early on weekends), it was raining. Tempted to just continue sleeping but my cats would not let me alone. They have been trying to get me to wake up since 7:30am. Anyway, I got ready and reached Central Park at 9:00am. It was still raining a bit. . I expected that since its raining, the place would be quiet, and I was y wrong. To my surprise, a lot of dogs and their owners were already there, some with raincoats and some with umbrellas.

I located the SPCA booth easily. I then got briefed and started selling some t-shirts (business was very good that day). There were 5 dogs on adoption that day, 2 of them are a pair of adorable 4 weeks old puppies. As usual, I spend a lot of time playing with the dogs that were put up for adoption. But I often got distracted by all the dogs there that day. One of the most expensive dog of the day was an Alaskan Malamute that the owner bought for RM15,000. There was also a beautiful black Great Dane mix that loves swimming that a lady rescued from the pound.

Then there were some wonderful demonstrations on Crime Control, Crowd Control, Drug Detection and Agility by The Police K9 Unit, Bomba Search and Rescue Team, as well as Protection Dog and Dog Sports. There are also up to 12 Doggie Games where the dogs and their owner actually play together. One of the most interesting and challenging one is the Obstacle Challenge where some really power players show off their dog training on the obstacles. Of course, there are a lot of simpler games, like the Dog Fastest Recall to see how fast the dog will run to the owner when called.

Despite the wet ground and the humid weather, I totally enjoyed the day, and I am sure everyone (dogs included) present that day had a really good time. Unfortunately, none of the dogs were adopted, but we did sold a lot of t-shirts and a lot of people said they will visit SPCA to check out more dogs for adoption. It was an eye-opener to see so many dog lovers gathered at one place. For the dog lovers, it is really a place to be. Where else can you see dogs of all kind in one place. I can’t wait for the next event! Maybe I will even bring Winter. Wonder if she will behave with so many dogs around.

A view from SPCA booth.

Adopt me please!

Two cutie pies waiting to be adopted.

Don't you want me?

Too bad I can't afford another pet, or my house will end up to be a zoo.

It is a big pond, and I am sure its very deep too. Can you locate the dog with the bottle?

She is swimming closer.

Oh, here she is!

This is the swimmer, Hera, with her owner, Sonia. Hera is a beautiful huge Great Dane mix, rescued from the pound. She loves the camera and all the attention she is getting.

I want some attention too!

The beautiful Alaskan Malamute. Yes, this dog cost RM15,000. And he is only 8 months old, and growing!

A beautiful big bear dog! I wonder how long does the owner takes to bath the big fella!

Where are you taking me? No No, I do not want to join the competition with all the big doggie!

A gorgeous St. Bernard, just enjoying all the petting he is getting.

Wow, such a long tongue!

2 restless dogs, while the owners are chatting.

More owners and their doggies.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Potty Trained at 5 weeks old.

Sesame is about 5 weeks old now. At first, I was a bit worried that I do not see any urine nor poo-poo on the floor. The vet said he is healthy, and he acts healthy, growing bigger each passing day. So maybe the mother ate all the urine and poo-poo.

One fine day, I came home from gym and found him at the small litter box I placed on my living room, just for Sesame. When I went to investigate further, I found him eating the litter sand! His mouth had some litter sand and he was happily munching away! So I quickly took the litter sand out of his mouth. I opened the canned kitten food I have bought a few days earlier. Took a bit and put it on a small plate. I dabbed the cat food with the finger and then dabbed it on his lips. After awhile, he started biting my finger! Then I guided him to the plate and he started eating, to my joy!

Right after he finished the food, he went straight to the litter box, with me observing closely. He did some scratching movement, as if trying to dig a spot. Then he did his business on the litter box! YIPPIE! After he is done, he covered his urine. What a smart little darling, only 5 months old and is already potty-trained by himself.

Soft solid food is sooooo....yummy!

Lick Lick! Don't let the bits sticking near my mouth go to waste. Yum Yum!

Now I gotta find a nice spot.

Mmmmmmm.....I know my grandma is gonna be very happy.

Now here some some close-up photos of Sesame. He is big and furry now.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Life of Ginger, My Little Lion Cat

I got Ginger when she was just 3 months old. I did not really mean to get another cat, was just looking around, and thinking whether I should get another friend for Shadow. Too bad Shadow was lost when Ginger was just about 4 months old.

One day, as I was having my facial at Uptown, I went to the pet shop I always visit around that area and saw her. She responded right away when I went near her cage. And when I held her in my arms, she licked my face. It was then I decided that she will be mine. Ginger was very active, naughty and rebellious when she came to my house. It was a nightmare to feed her deworming tablets. She hated it so much and made sure I know it. The number of scratches she gave me was countless.

Ginger when she was just 3 months old.

Ginger's favorite pasttime is to climb the window in my room.

Oh dear, it is kinda high up, isnt it.

As she grew up, she matured into a quiet and lazy cat. She spends most of her time sleeping and lazing around the house. When I call her, she will lift her head, look at me for 3 seconds and went back to sleep. Even during mealtime, she is not bothered as she knows that there is always plenty of food lying around. She is extremely afraid of strangers too. Everytime there is a visitor in my house, she would run and hide under the sofa. Only until she gets to know you better, will she look up and acknowledge you, and went back to sleep. I now let the pet shop or vet feed her the deworming tablets, because she is always timid and quiet when she is at a strange place.

She is not a manja cat. When she is not in the mood, she does not want to be touched. And she merajuk all the time. Everytime I bath her, she will merajuk for 2 whole days. What does she do when she merajuk? Well, she wont look up when you call her name, when you go near her, she will just stand up and walk away, and she will not come upstairs to greet me in the morning. Oh yeah, she and Garlic, without fail, will raced upstairs every morning when I opened the door to let them in the room. They will then sit and looked up at me, waiting for me to pick them up for their morning cuddle. I cuddle Ginger first, and then Garlic. Sometimes when Ginger felt that the cuddle is too short, she will follow me around the room and make her ‘I want another cuddle’ sound.

She tried to bluff you with her non-sleeping position on my bed, but if you look closely, she is actually snoring.

The famous pig pose.

Almost falling asleep.

Sleeping and showing off her fluffy fur.

Finally! A photo when she is NOT sleeping.

Recently, the shedding has become extremely serious. I have to vacumn almost everyday and yet there is fur everywhere. Everytime I come back from gym and give them all a cuddle, I have to vacumn myself before I go into my room. Someone from a had the same problem and she sent her cat for a ‘lion cut’ (Thanks Tiara!). So I decided to give it a try. I was a bit concerned at first. So I asked around and did some research on the internet. So far, all the cat owners commented that they did not see a major difference in their cats character and no skin diseases or irritation.

So on Saturday morning, Ginger went to the pet shop. I specifically told them NOT to shave her but to leave her body fur at least ½ inches long. This is so that she wont feel too weird and also there are still fur on her body in case she is cold. The hair cut cost me RM70 (more expensive than my own haircut!).

When she came back, Garlic and Pepper was very curious about her new look. Garlic followed her around the house and Pepper kept chasing after her lion tail. At one point, Ginger got so annoyed at Pepper that she gave Pepper a smack on the face. I gave all of them some new treats I bought from the pet shop. Threw their favorite ping pong ball on the floor and Ginger came chasing after it.

At night, she stayed in my room. At first, I was a bit worried that she would be cold (I have air-con in my room) but I was wrong. She still takes her spot right underneath where the air blew straight at her. Once a while she would walk up to me and licked me. She even climbed on top of me while I was watching TV to lick me on my face! When I switched off the light to sleep, she came up and slept on the same pillow. Only at about 4am, she woke me up by licking my face. So I let her out of the room. She came back upstairs at 7am to give me a wake up call. She has not done that for about 2 months now.

Below is how she looks now.

The fur is left about 1/2 inches long on her body. It feels like carpet when you run your hand through it. I am surprised on how thick her fur actually is.

Her lovely lion tail.

Her lion head. Not furry enough to look like a real lion though.

My little Lion Cat.

Ginger looking up at me when I called her.

Sleeping again. So what's new?

Sesame is curious about his big sister's new look.

Mmmmm.....she smells really nice too.

With her new cut, she is now the same size as Garlic!

Back View.

Sleeping at her position on the end of my bed, where the air-con blows directly to her.

Sleeping so soundly that she did not realize I am actually taking photo.

Snuggled in my laundry. Normally I do not let them do this as fur will be all over my clothes. But having come out of the shower and see her in this position, I grab my camera and snap snap.

Friday, September 15, 2006

From Innocent Little Thing to Cheeky Little Thing

Sesame is almost one month old now. He has learnt to walk and roam around the house. From being the unsure, innocent little thing, he is now confident, proud of himself and extremely cheeky. His fur has gotten thicker and he now knows how to lick himself. He knows how to look up at you when you call his name. He knows to walk over to you when you clap ur hands and call his name.

However, he has a minor infection on his ear. It does not affect his behaviour though. Taken him to the vet last week for treatment. Bringing him back to the vet tomorrow for a check-up. Hope he recovers soon!