Friday, September 15, 2006

From Innocent Little Thing to Cheeky Little Thing

Sesame is almost one month old now. He has learnt to walk and roam around the house. From being the unsure, innocent little thing, he is now confident, proud of himself and extremely cheeky. His fur has gotten thicker and he now knows how to lick himself. He knows how to look up at you when you call his name. He knows to walk over to you when you clap ur hands and call his name.

However, he has a minor infection on his ear. It does not affect his behaviour though. Taken him to the vet last week for treatment. Bringing him back to the vet tomorrow for a check-up. Hope he recovers soon!


Horatio said...

Wah.. Sesame got big already. Kittens grew up very fast n the next day u wake up, he is already 1 yr old... heheheh...

Ear infection? oh dear. hope he recover soon.

Avram said...

I hope he gets better. What a cute little guy.

TiaraBionca said...

Muak muak muak beautiful cute little Sesame. I hope nothing serious with his infection and recover soon.

Sharlene, is Sesame litter trained yet? I was just wondering if he wonders the whole house, how would he know where to do his business when nature calls? Do you have to confine him in a room/cage to train first before letting him wonder freely the whole house? Also curious how long to litter train a kitten?

Need some knowledge first just incase I do get a kitten home. (smile)

Hugo was litter trained when I bought him home so I have no problem with it.

Just Sharlene said...

Horation and Avram, His infection is still there but the vet said he is getting better. I am bringing him back to the vet this Saturday for another check-up. It does not bother him much, except for the occasially itch where he has learnt to scratch using his back paws.

Tiara, I did not notice any urine nor feces on the floor. Apprarently the mother will eat the urine and feces until a certain stage. Until when, I do not know. I did leave a small little box around my living room. I read from somewhere that the mother will actually litter train her kittens. So we shall see. I'll keep you updated!

But normally kittens are quite smart. Normally if you bring them to the litter box, scratch their paws on the litter, most of the kittens will know to go there to do their business. My friends did this before and it works for her kitten.

Hey, did the kitten on your window came back?