Friday, September 08, 2006

Sesame's Updates

Sesame has learnt to walk now, though not very stable yet. He stumbles all over the place. He will be running around the house soon. Its quite impossible to get a photo of him now. He just keeps moving! You cannot hold him still long enough for the camera. Haha. But he does bring me and my visiting friends a lot of joy.

Below are some new photos of him.

This is me climbing out under my surrogate mother. When mummy is not around, I stay near her to keep me warm. She is white and soft. She got no milk and does not move.

I love to sleep. This lady's lap is nice.


**YAWN** What's up? Let me continue my sleep.

I wanna play with Big Brother Garlic.

Big Brother Garlic is so BIG! I wanna grow up to be just like him.

My most adorable look, a real lady killer.

I look real good, don't I? Just love my reflection.

Oh dear! Me on my bad hair day.


Numenor05 said...

Sesame is soooo cuteeeeeee!!!
I could look at him the whole day!

Mei said...

hey babe, thanks for dropping by my blog. your kitties are soooooooo adorable!!

Carolynn said...

Hey YH, I love your kitties! Especially Sesame :)