Thursday, January 31, 2008

The funny hole....

Sesame has always been fascinated by the human toilet. Whenever you are in the toilet, if you do not close the door, he'll go into the toilet with you, curious at what you are doing inside. And if you close the door, he'll be waiting outside. Some of my friends who are not used to Sesame's habits nearly stepped on him when they come out from the toilet.

Then one day...he take he decide to check out what is so great with the toilet bowl.....

I wonder what the humans do on this thing.... it makes the funniest sound with the humans press something on top...

Mmmm....the hole looks funny....water is too deep for me to drink...

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Its Curtains Day Again!

Every year, before Chinese New Year, I will remove ALL the curtains and wash them all at once. This is one of the favorite days of the Spice Cats.

I expected Garlic or Sesame to come bouncing on the curtains, but this year, it was the gals that were taking advantage of the soft clean fluffy curtains.

Especially Ginger....

She absolutely loved the curtains.....

Took a nap with her face burried in the curtains....

Twisting and turning....

Then opened her eyes when she realized I am just above her, snapping photos...

Yawn....But who long as I don't hang the curtains up, they are happy...

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bad Scratches

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie suggested that I try to ask around to see whether there is anyone who is interested in adopting the Night Visitor. Actually, that was my initial thought. I planned to bring the Night Visitor to the vet for a check-up after a few weeks when he is used to being around me. If there is no major illness, I can then try to put him up for adoption.

On Sunday, I changed my mind. I was coming back from an early breakfast with my parents. The cat was waiting for me at my front door. When I opened my door, he tried to rush inside the house. I do not want him near the Spice Cats yet as he is not vaccinated and I am not sure whether he carry any diseases. So, on impulse, I used my right leg to block his entry. I must have startled him as he grabbed hold of my leg and started scratching and biting me!

The wounds, that Sunday afternoon. It looked pretty OK, so i sorta ignored if after I put some anti-septic.

But slowly, the wound started to hurt and my leg slowly started to get swollen. On Sunday night, my friend brought me to the clinic. The doctor cleaned my wound, gave me an injection and some medication.

This is how it looks on Monday. The foot was slightly swollen and it was even painful to walk.

There are also some scratches underneath my foot.

This is taken on Tuesday night, still a bit swollen, but not as painful.

By Wednesday, it was not painful to walk anymore, although the foot was still a bit swollen.

I am quite annoyed that my training at the gym is interrupted. The doctor said that I must keep the wound dry at all times to prevent infection. So, I had to put a plastic bag over my right foot when I shower. Gym is allowed as sweat will wet the wound.

This is a good reminder to myself. I should be more careful around stray cats. I am so used to being around the Spice Cats who will never hurt me on purpose that I was careless. I will be much more careful next time.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Why cant I go out?

I have to explain to Ginger that she is a house cat. Outdoors are dangerous, she may get ran over by a car, catnap by some stranger, chased by some stray dogs or catch some fleas or diseases.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Night Visitor

There is a night visitor that comes to the Spice Cats house about once or twice a week. It is easy to know when he is there as he will poke his head at the door and meow for my attention, asking for food. I, of course, will happily oblige by providing him some food or whatever leftovers that the pampered Spice Cats refused to eat.

The visitor gulping down the Whiskers Seasfood canfood, which the Spice Cats refused to eat.

He finished the whole canfood Yummy!

Pepper came to the door to check out the visitor. I am kinda surprised they didn't hiss at each other.

Even Ginger, the timid one, came to check out the visitor.

Visitor : Mmmm....I wonder if there is more food.....

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Scarlett has found a new home!

It was all happening so fast. My friend came over yesterday evening with her brother, looked at Scarlett, and took her home! They sent me some pictures of Scarlett this morning in her new home.

I am finally the QUEEN of the house, no more cats!

I can do anything I want and sleep in peace.....

I kinda miss her talkative way. There is no more loud meow to wake me up in the morning, no more meow to welcome me home at night and no cat for me to talk to at home anymore. But I am glad Scarlett has found a good home. Being the only cat in the house, I am sure she will be happy and well loved. Have a good life Scarlett!

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Chubby Kitty

Ever since Scarlett came to the Spice Cats house, she has been slowly putting on weight. I was getting quite worried that she will grow too fat and even attempted locking her up when I was feeding the Spice Cats.

I think the main problem is that there is always food around in the Spice Cats house. The Spice Cats are used to it. But Scarlett was only fed once or twice a day in her previous home. And being a stray before, she is used to fighting and finishing ALL the food you give her. Luckily, after 3 months, she finally settled down to a cute chubby size and no longer eat like there is no tomorrow.

Look at the tummy! Few have asked whether Scarlett is pregnant!

Scarlett : What???

Scarlett : Its just the camera angle doing tricks. Look at me in this photo, I don't look fat, do I?

Note : Scarlett is still looking for a good home. If you know anyone who is interested in a talkative lap kitty, please do let me know.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mr Beautiful Eyes

I love Sesame's eyes. I think it is a beautiful shade of yellow.

I am showing off my eyes to mummy. See how big and yellow they are?

What can I say, I know I am lovable.

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