Monday, October 30, 2006

Winter, the Dog Hater!

Yesterday, I actually planned to try to bring Winter to the PetnYou Anniversary Bash at Subang Jaya. Sonia brought Hera and Spike over to my house earlier before the event to introduce the dogs. I know Winter is aggressive towards other dogs but I was hoping that she would be intimidated by Hera’s size (Hera is a magnificent Great Dane mixed and she is 3 times bigger than Winter).

Much to my despair, Winter was so aggressive towards Hera that she was ready to bite Hera’s head off! Thank God Hera is a very well behaved dog, else I am sure that Winter will be no match for Hera. We tried introducing the dogs slowly, in front of my parents house, beside the road. But it was no use. Winter was just too aggressive. There was once that Winter got too close to Hera and accidentally bit Sonia’s hand when she was going at Hera (Sorry Sonia!). Luckily it was not serious.

By the end of 20 minutes, Winter was slightly better. She could tolerate being a little closer with Hera without pulling at the leash trying to pounce at Hera. Winter could also tolerate Sonia walking around with Hera, but she keeps a watchful eye on them wherever they are. Winter did not even want the dog treats I gave her when she was keeping quiet. This is extremely rare. Winter NEVER say no to food.

I am partly to blame for Winter behaving this way. When she was just a puppy, probably about 4 months old, she escaped and got into a terrible fight with a group of strays. She came back covered with blood with a fractured ear and dog bites all over her body. We had to carry her to the vet. She could not walk for a couple of days and it took her weeks to completely recover. She probably is very defensive and angry towards other dogs ever since. We also did not try to socialize her with the other dogs when she was younger. And thus, her aggressive behavior and mistrust towards other dogs just became a part of her. She is friendly towards human and cats though.

Below are some pictures of Winter and my cats. If only she could accept other dogs like she accepted my cats.

Winter and Sesame checking each other out.

Winter kissing Sesame (I did a screen-capture from a movie my mom made, and thus the wording on the picture.)

After kissing, there is licking.

After licking, then there is cuddling.

I have also snapped some photos of Hera and Spike. Thanks Sonia for trying to ‘cure’ Winter. I really do hope she can learn to trust other dogs.

Sonia, with Hera and Spike.

Hera came running when we played fetch in the school field.

Here she is, with the big stick.

Mmmm......Spike seems to attract quite a few admirers yesterday.

Hera, taking a rest on a hot day.

Spike, taking a rest on a hot day, with his famous lizard pose.

Yeay....doggie umbrella!

Hera, truly enjoying the car ride.

And also leaving her saliva all over the window.

Spike, just sit calmly with a serious look on his face.

Looking out the window cautiously and thinking....I am not sticking my head out there...

There were a lot of dogs at the event, not as much as the last event. I didn’t snap a lot of photos this time. Below are 2 cutie pies.

A real-life bear dog!

Such a cutie pie.

Huh? A poodle with blue ears?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

From Enemies to Good Friends

I still remember the day I brought Pepper back home. She was very defensive and hissed at both Ginger and Garlic when they tried to come near. Few times there were also some mild cat fights but nobody got hurt. They kept their distance from each other, always at least 1 meter apart. Looking back, probably Pepper was just protecting herself as she was pregnant during that time.

Now, they were the best of friends. They wrestle with each other, sleep beside each other and share the same bowl of food. Pepper has not warmed up to Winter yet though. Sesame is friendly to Winter, but not Pepper. She still hissed whenever Winter come near. So Winter always leave her alone.

Below of some pictures of my spice cats relaxing over the holidays.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sesame turned 2!

Not 2 years old, but Sesame is exactly 2 months old yesterday. He is now an adorable hyper-active curious little pest, never fail to turn everything that he can get hold of upside down. If I leave my sport shoes in the living room overnight, he will even untie all the shoe lace for me.

Yesterday night, I discovered that he loves to climb on top of the dining room chair, which is quite high. The vet has warned me that I should be careful with Sesame, kittens so young can easily fall and fracture their bones. Mmmm…. Sesame will be impossible to keep track off and control, unless I keep him in a cage, which I am sure he will hate. So for now, I got no choice but let him has his way in the house.

My parents went to China and took with them the Digital Camera, so the below pictures are taken with my phone. So the quality of the pictures are not very good.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lazy Week

It has been a lazy week. I think it is mainly due to the holiday on Tuesday and the haze. Even the cats and dog felt it. Its gonna be a lazy weekend ahead, for the pets, at least.

Garlic had his castration done last Saturday and is healing nicely. I am bringing him to the vet tomorrow morning for a check-up. Also gonna get the vet to check on his fungal infection as I cant bath him now that he just had the surgery.

Don't take my picture, I am shy!

The bad doctor took away my nuts!

Pepper’s fungal infection has spread to 2 new spots on Monday. I bathed her on Tuesday and when I checked on the new spots yesterday, seemed to have dried up. I need to bath her again tomorrow. Hope she recover soon!

Yawn. I can't keep my eyes open.

Too lazy to move.

Ginger’s hair has grown longer. But she still has the lion tail! I suspected that she is on heat few days back when she just refused to let me sit still when I was in my room, kept demanding for a cuddle everytime I put her down. I am not 100% sure though, she is back to her cool self when she gets out of my room.

Am I pretty? But I am too lazy to move also.

Sesame has grown tremendously. He loves to climb and jump and wrestle with your hands. He also now knows his name. So everytime I call his name, he would come running.

I can't keep my eyes open.


I am not dead, I am just too lazy to move.

Winter went for a long walk on Tuesday, since it was public holiday and I didn’t go to the gym. She came home exhausted. She needs more exercise for her stamina.

I can't keep my eyes open.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Its Friday!

Yes ! Its Friday ! I always look forward to the weekend. I get to sleep later, wake up later than the usual weekdays, spend more time at the gym, and of course, spend more time with my babies at home. Since my office is in Selangor, Tuesday is also off ! Yay !

Below is a photo of Ginger that I found in my laptop. Do not remember how I managed to snap such a lovely photo. The expression on her face, describes perfectly how we all feel on Friday ! And since its the Mooncake Festival, cheese for all of them tonight ! Double Yay !

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I am in a BIG dilemma. Garlic is due for his castration as he is 6 months old now. I am supposed to send him to the vet to get it done last Saturday, but turned out that he got fungal infection. So it was put on hold. From experience, this infection normally takes about 1 month for it to heal. Ginger and Pepper are both mature female cats that have not been spayed. Can the operation wait until he recovers? I do not want Garlic to get Ginger and Pepper pregnant!

The vet said the infection is minor enough so the surgery can still be done. But I am still quite worried. Will the wound get infected? Can I still wash the infected area with Malased after the operation?

Dilemma! Dilemma! Any advice anyone?

Garlic has grown to be a very handsome cat.

Sleeping peacefully on a Saturday afternoon.

Yellowish hair started to show on his face.

This is him telling me how he hates taking a bath.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Infections and a new discovery

It has been a pretty hectic weekend. It started when I bath all my 3 young adult cats on Saturday morning with Malased, as prevention as Sesame recently contracted fungal infection. I have not bathed them with Malased for ages. They did not like it at all, having to leave Malased on the body for about 5-10 minutes before it can be rinsed off.

To my horror, I found some skin infection on Pepper, 2 big patches and few small ones. Garlic has 1 big patch also. Ginger so far looks fine. After blow drying them, I brought Pepper, Sesame and Garlic to the vet. Sesame seems to be doing well. The vet suspected that it was Pepper that passed the infection to both Sesame and Garlic, but she was not sure. Pepper was given an injection. The vet also gave me some lotion for the infection.

I then asked the vet whether I need to separate them. She said No, it’s not necessary. But as I am worried that Sesame may catch the infection from Pepper because of their frequent close contact, I now keep Pepper in the laundry room by herself, separated. She doesn’t like it at all. Whenever I am downstairs, she will cry non-stop. Sesame, being his cheerful and playful self, does not seem to realize that his mother is not in a separate room. I also went to buy the RC Sensitive Skin dry food, hoping it will give them extra protection. Tuesday I will need to wash the infected areas with Malased again.

I remembered that it took more than 1 month for Shadow's ringworm to heal. And I know this time, it will take at least a month before they are all completely healed. Sigh. Garlic is also due for his castration this weekend. All of them may need to be bathed with Malased again this weekend. Sesame need to be sent to the vet probably tomorrow for his fungal bath. It’s gonna be a hectic week ahead.

There was a new discovery though. On Saturday, I came home and found Sesame on the sofa. I remembered he was on the floor when I went out. So I called my father and brother to see whether they have visited my house and left Sesame on the sofa. Nope. Wow, this means that he has somehow found a way on to the sofa by himself. Sure enough, Saturday midnight as I went downstairs to grab a glass of water, I found him sleeping on the sofa again. Just before I went upstairs, he was still playing on the floor. Have yet to discover how he climbs on to the sofa all by himself!

Posing on the sofa when I picked up the camera.

Sesame and Garlic, curious about my colored finger nails.

Posing again, this time with his surogate mother who used to keep him warm when mummy is not around.

Walking around and exploring on top of the sofa.

Checking out the height before he makes the jump.