Thursday, October 05, 2006


I am in a BIG dilemma. Garlic is due for his castration as he is 6 months old now. I am supposed to send him to the vet to get it done last Saturday, but turned out that he got fungal infection. So it was put on hold. From experience, this infection normally takes about 1 month for it to heal. Ginger and Pepper are both mature female cats that have not been spayed. Can the operation wait until he recovers? I do not want Garlic to get Ginger and Pepper pregnant!

The vet said the infection is minor enough so the surgery can still be done. But I am still quite worried. Will the wound get infected? Can I still wash the infected area with Malased after the operation?

Dilemma! Dilemma! Any advice anyone?

Garlic has grown to be a very handsome cat.

Sleeping peacefully on a Saturday afternoon.

Yellowish hair started to show on his face.

This is him telling me how he hates taking a bath.


katztales said...

Scoop and Au took 2 days to recover from their "snip". Their vet used dissolvable stitches too so the whole thing was a breeze.

If you wash Garlic today, take him in tomorrow and wash him extra gently five days from now.

When are you spaying Pepper and Ginger? At the same time? It's a bigger operation for girl cats and may not quite fit in with the shampooing. Annie who lives with my mum took 4 days to recover and had to wear a lampshade, poor darling.

Love the pics! That Snooty look is priceless...

Just Sharlene said...

Yeah, most likely I will wash Garlic Saturday morning before I sent him to the vet. Probably another gentle wash on the infected area on following Friday. My main concern is that after the 'snip', will the fungal infection spread to the wound?

I have quite a bad experience with spaying one of my female dog before. She had some serious internal infection and was bleeding non-stop the night (or more accurately the next morning) of the operation. The sight of blood everywhere almost gave me a heart attack. Had to rush her to the animal hospital at 3am in the morning and she was hospitalized for 7 days! And 2 operations during the 7 days and the vet even warned me that she may not survive!

So now quite a phobia. Once Garlic is castrated, the female cats are safe, for now. Gotta get over my phobia and pick up the courage to send them to their operations later.

Horatio said...

shud not pose any problem on the castration part since it is juz a small operation which require couple of days to heal.

if u r concern on ur male cat, then perhaps u will get ur female cats spayed 1st.

Just Sharlene said...

Cant do the females first as Pepper is infected as well.

Its decided, I will do Garlic first. Tomorrow early morning will be his bath then off to the vet for the operation.

Thanks everyone for the advice, (including those who message me in IM after reading this post)!