Monday, October 30, 2006

Winter, the Dog Hater!

Yesterday, I actually planned to try to bring Winter to the PetnYou Anniversary Bash at Subang Jaya. Sonia brought Hera and Spike over to my house earlier before the event to introduce the dogs. I know Winter is aggressive towards other dogs but I was hoping that she would be intimidated by Hera’s size (Hera is a magnificent Great Dane mixed and she is 3 times bigger than Winter).

Much to my despair, Winter was so aggressive towards Hera that she was ready to bite Hera’s head off! Thank God Hera is a very well behaved dog, else I am sure that Winter will be no match for Hera. We tried introducing the dogs slowly, in front of my parents house, beside the road. But it was no use. Winter was just too aggressive. There was once that Winter got too close to Hera and accidentally bit Sonia’s hand when she was going at Hera (Sorry Sonia!). Luckily it was not serious.

By the end of 20 minutes, Winter was slightly better. She could tolerate being a little closer with Hera without pulling at the leash trying to pounce at Hera. Winter could also tolerate Sonia walking around with Hera, but she keeps a watchful eye on them wherever they are. Winter did not even want the dog treats I gave her when she was keeping quiet. This is extremely rare. Winter NEVER say no to food.

I am partly to blame for Winter behaving this way. When she was just a puppy, probably about 4 months old, she escaped and got into a terrible fight with a group of strays. She came back covered with blood with a fractured ear and dog bites all over her body. We had to carry her to the vet. She could not walk for a couple of days and it took her weeks to completely recover. She probably is very defensive and angry towards other dogs ever since. We also did not try to socialize her with the other dogs when she was younger. And thus, her aggressive behavior and mistrust towards other dogs just became a part of her. She is friendly towards human and cats though.

Below are some pictures of Winter and my cats. If only she could accept other dogs like she accepted my cats.

Winter and Sesame checking each other out.

Winter kissing Sesame (I did a screen-capture from a movie my mom made, and thus the wording on the picture.)

After kissing, there is licking.

After licking, then there is cuddling.

I have also snapped some photos of Hera and Spike. Thanks Sonia for trying to ‘cure’ Winter. I really do hope she can learn to trust other dogs.

Sonia, with Hera and Spike.

Hera came running when we played fetch in the school field.

Here she is, with the big stick.

Mmmm......Spike seems to attract quite a few admirers yesterday.

Hera, taking a rest on a hot day.

Spike, taking a rest on a hot day, with his famous lizard pose.

Yeay....doggie umbrella!

Hera, truly enjoying the car ride.

And also leaving her saliva all over the window.

Spike, just sit calmly with a serious look on his face.

Looking out the window cautiously and thinking....I am not sticking my head out there...

There were a lot of dogs at the event, not as much as the last event. I didn’t snap a lot of photos this time. Below are 2 cutie pies.

A real-life bear dog!

Such a cutie pie.

Huh? A poodle with blue ears?

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