Thursday, October 26, 2006

From Enemies to Good Friends

I still remember the day I brought Pepper back home. She was very defensive and hissed at both Ginger and Garlic when they tried to come near. Few times there were also some mild cat fights but nobody got hurt. They kept their distance from each other, always at least 1 meter apart. Looking back, probably Pepper was just protecting herself as she was pregnant during that time.

Now, they were the best of friends. They wrestle with each other, sleep beside each other and share the same bowl of food. Pepper has not warmed up to Winter yet though. Sesame is friendly to Winter, but not Pepper. She still hissed whenever Winter come near. So Winter always leave her alone.

Below of some pictures of my spice cats relaxing over the holidays.


katztales said...

Does Winter carry the cats around in his mouth, as though they're little puppies? When we lived in Europe, our dog Lucy used to carry our cats when they were small. She also washed them from top to toe, something the cats loathed!

Just Sharlene said...

Haha....washed them from top to toe? I can imagine that. Winter loves to lick my cats' ears, until their head is all covered with Winter's saliva! They smell funny afterwards too! Haha...

No, Winter does not carry them around in her mouth. Maybe also because I do not let them play unsupervised as Winter can get really rough when she is excited. I do not want her to accidently squash the little ones.