Friday, October 13, 2006

Lazy Week

It has been a lazy week. I think it is mainly due to the holiday on Tuesday and the haze. Even the cats and dog felt it. Its gonna be a lazy weekend ahead, for the pets, at least.

Garlic had his castration done last Saturday and is healing nicely. I am bringing him to the vet tomorrow morning for a check-up. Also gonna get the vet to check on his fungal infection as I cant bath him now that he just had the surgery.

Don't take my picture, I am shy!

The bad doctor took away my nuts!

Pepper’s fungal infection has spread to 2 new spots on Monday. I bathed her on Tuesday and when I checked on the new spots yesterday, seemed to have dried up. I need to bath her again tomorrow. Hope she recover soon!

Yawn. I can't keep my eyes open.

Too lazy to move.

Ginger’s hair has grown longer. But she still has the lion tail! I suspected that she is on heat few days back when she just refused to let me sit still when I was in my room, kept demanding for a cuddle everytime I put her down. I am not 100% sure though, she is back to her cool self when she gets out of my room.

Am I pretty? But I am too lazy to move also.

Sesame has grown tremendously. He loves to climb and jump and wrestle with your hands. He also now knows his name. So everytime I call his name, he would come running.

I can't keep my eyes open.


I am not dead, I am just too lazy to move.

Winter went for a long walk on Tuesday, since it was public holiday and I didn’t go to the gym. She came home exhausted. She needs more exercise for her stamina.

I can't keep my eyes open.


tbirdonawire said...

Such lovely cats! And winter is pretty too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

KuDin said...

one question... how do u feed ur cats...u gave them the food in the tin esp for cats or like dried fish....mannn that's a lot of cats. how did u manage to take care of them is a mystery..

KuDin said...

ohhh... thank you by the way for visting my blog

Just Sharlene said...

tbirdonwire, Keep us updated on the 2 gorgeous kitties, OK?

kudin, I feed my cats Royal Canine Kitten + Sensitive Skin (since they are still recovering from fungal infection). I also leave the dry cat food throughout the day so they can eat anytime they want. For dinner, I feed them Whiskas or Friskies can food. They do not eat a lot. For treats, sometimes there is cheese, sometimes there is dry salmon.

Kudin, which blog are you? I tried clicking on the link on your name but nothing. hehe...

KuDin said...

woo hold on there..cheese?? is it the same cheese in the burger or a particular cheese?? wow i never know cats eat cheese..

my blog is