Monday, October 02, 2006

Infections and a new discovery

It has been a pretty hectic weekend. It started when I bath all my 3 young adult cats on Saturday morning with Malased, as prevention as Sesame recently contracted fungal infection. I have not bathed them with Malased for ages. They did not like it at all, having to leave Malased on the body for about 5-10 minutes before it can be rinsed off.

To my horror, I found some skin infection on Pepper, 2 big patches and few small ones. Garlic has 1 big patch also. Ginger so far looks fine. After blow drying them, I brought Pepper, Sesame and Garlic to the vet. Sesame seems to be doing well. The vet suspected that it was Pepper that passed the infection to both Sesame and Garlic, but she was not sure. Pepper was given an injection. The vet also gave me some lotion for the infection.

I then asked the vet whether I need to separate them. She said No, it’s not necessary. But as I am worried that Sesame may catch the infection from Pepper because of their frequent close contact, I now keep Pepper in the laundry room by herself, separated. She doesn’t like it at all. Whenever I am downstairs, she will cry non-stop. Sesame, being his cheerful and playful self, does not seem to realize that his mother is not in a separate room. I also went to buy the RC Sensitive Skin dry food, hoping it will give them extra protection. Tuesday I will need to wash the infected areas with Malased again.

I remembered that it took more than 1 month for Shadow's ringworm to heal. And I know this time, it will take at least a month before they are all completely healed. Sigh. Garlic is also due for his castration this weekend. All of them may need to be bathed with Malased again this weekend. Sesame need to be sent to the vet probably tomorrow for his fungal bath. It’s gonna be a hectic week ahead.

There was a new discovery though. On Saturday, I came home and found Sesame on the sofa. I remembered he was on the floor when I went out. So I called my father and brother to see whether they have visited my house and left Sesame on the sofa. Nope. Wow, this means that he has somehow found a way on to the sofa by himself. Sure enough, Saturday midnight as I went downstairs to grab a glass of water, I found him sleeping on the sofa again. Just before I went upstairs, he was still playing on the floor. Have yet to discover how he climbs on to the sofa all by himself!

Posing on the sofa when I picked up the camera.

Sesame and Garlic, curious about my colored finger nails.

Posing again, this time with his surogate mother who used to keep him warm when mummy is not around.

Walking around and exploring on top of the sofa.

Checking out the height before he makes the jump.


katztales said...

Poor Pepper is going to be traumatized locked up all by herself. She probably thinks it’s a punishment. The stress may make her feel even worse, and recover slower. As your vet says this isn’t necessary, do you think this is the right thing to do?

Scoop and Au had a skin problem two years ago. Washed them every five days and thank goodness it went away pretty quickly – about six washes! Au was philosophical about it, but Scoop refused to speak to me for ages…. Hope your kitties recover soon.

Just Sharlene said...

Katztales, actually I am in quite a dilemma. On one hand I am worried that Sesame may catch the infection from his mom. He is after all, just a baby. On the other hand, I am also worried about Pepper. She really hates being locked up all by herself. I noticed that she has not been eating her usual amount of food, which worries me. Today I am going back to wash the infected areas with Malased.

My mom also brought Sesame to the vet today for the fungal bath. Maybe I will let Pepper out after her wash today. Then another wash this Saturday.

Katztales, what did you use when Scoop and Au had skin problems? Did you just wash the infected area or the whole body?

Garlic now runs away everytime he sees me as he knows I will either wash his infected area or apply the lotion vet gave me.

katztales said...

I washed the whole cat with the same product you're using, wrapped them up while they were all soapy in a towel, sat with them for 15 minutes while stroking ears and toes, and then rinsed them off. For the shock, indignity and nastiness of the experience I gave extra tummy scratches, and we ate fun food (roast meats!) for the whole day of each Bath Day.

Scoop sulked quite a bit during this time, but he never ran away from me, possibly as the bath was every few days rather than every day, and I made very sure to spoil him on the intervening days.

Poor Garlic and poor you! As he's still tiny, this phobia can become a real trust problem later on. Have you tried making the lotion a part of a treat, like rubbing him all over, and giving him a taste treat of something he really likes (cheese?ham?beef?) afterwards?

Hope Pepper is OK and allowed out into civilised company again. I really feel for her.

Keep us posted!

Just Sharlene said...

I only bath Pepper's and Garlic's infected wounds on Tuesday. The vet warned me that too much of Malased is actually bad for their skin. This Saturday is going to be a full bath for them.

Pepper is back into civilised company. She is not upset with me for keeping her locked up for 2 days. She is such a gem!

As for Garlic, there is certainly more pampering that needs to be done. He is OK with me applying the medication on the infected area now. But is still a bit wary. More treats on the way! Thanks for the advice, Katztales.