Friday, November 03, 2006

Someone has been playing with water

I sometimes wonder why the water in the water bowl gets dirty so fast. Sometimes you will even see some fur floating in the water. I changed it, and 2 hours later it is dirty again. Last weekend, I finally caught the culprit!

Right after I changed the water in the water bowl, I caught Sesame putting his paw in the water bowl, took it out, licked it, and then put it back again! He then used this paw to dip into the water a few times, all this time looking at the water, probably fascinated by the movement and reflection. I wonder if he learnt this from the mother also, but I have not seen Pepper does this before.


Blondie said...

Aha! I found you! I switched to beta and your comment became anonymous, so I had to search around to find you. YEAH!!

So anyway, what a sneaky little kitty. At least he was not playing in the toilet. :)

Aimee said...

That is soooo funny! I'm glad my cat isn't the only one that plays in his water and drinks off his paw! At 3 years old I thought he'd have outgrown it - but no. He will sometimes flick his paw like "omg there is water on it!" and everyone in the vicinity gets wet. hee!

Just Sharlene said...

blondie, Thanks for taking the trouble to look for my blog!

aimee, Haha....I know exactly what you mean! Sesame does that too!

marjan said...

hey guess what? my maya karin also does that.

Is Sesame doing it in the photo? so cute!

Just Sharlene said...

Haha...I guess its not just Sesame then. Sesame hates taking a bath but loves playing with water. I noticed Garlic doesnt mind getting his feet wet too. Everytime after my shower, he will go into the shower for a routine check and will come out with 4 wet feet.

Yes, Sesame is doing that just before I took the photo. In the photo, he was taking a break from playing with the water.