Monday, November 20, 2006

Eukanuba / Pet-n-You Dog Carnival

It was a hot sunny Sunday when I reached Central Park at 9:00am for the Eukanuba / Pet-n-You Dog Carnival. I said to myself, “Wow! The weather’s great!”. It is, if you compared it to the last Central park event where it was raining. There were also a lot more four-legged friends as compared to the last event.

I went straight to the SPCA booth and was delighted to find that there is even fan in the canopy! This is going to be a great day! As there are about 5 other volunteers there, I took time off and wondered around, looking at other dogs. Didn’t snap as much photos as the last time, but I did manage to snap some photos of some Celebrity Dogs! From the moment they entered into the field, they were surrounded by people with cameras. It was tough getting close to those Celebrity Dogs, so I just use the Zoom on my camera to snap some photos of them.

I left at about 1:30pm to rush for a gathering at Alind’s house. There were still a lot of people there. I bought SPCA 2007 calendar (mainly because Hera, Spike and Daisy look absolutely gorgeous in the calendar) and a new harness for Winter (10% discount). Also took some pamphlets for the Obedience Training in Subang Jaya. I am now considering bringing Winter there this coming Sunday, hoping to socialize her so that I can bring her to the next doggie events!

A top-class Celebrity Dog. You hardly see one like this in Malaysia.

Another top-class Celebrity Dog. Looks like an over-grown poodle!

They are from the same owner. And they are HUGE!

Another huge dog. A one-of-a-kind Great Dane.

Two more Great Danes.

A gorgeous almost all-black German Shephard.

And an amazing police dog too!

You wouldn't want to upset him at all!

Eeerrr....a not-so-celebrity dog, with a celebrity name..... GUCCI!

Gucci is not the typical beagle. She is a round beagle! She definately needs more exercise.


Phantasma said...

The first pic an Afghan Dog, right? It's so beautiful. Used to really like them when I was litte. I'm surprised to see one here! I agree, it's such a rare breed in Malaysia.

Gucci is so cute! Quite big!

Just Sharlene said...

I am not sure what is the breed of the dog. Did a quick search on the web, it does look like an Afghan dog, doesn't it. First time I have seen this breed in Malaysia, probably imported.

Gucci is indeed adorable. Chubby and Clumsy but over affectionate! She is actually not very big, just fat! Haha... Good Dog! Bad Owner!