Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weekend Feast

Winter had a feast last weekend. Started on Saturday morning when my mom bought 3 huge pork knuckles from the wet market. So Winter had 1 huge half knuckles for breakfast. Then Sonia came and brought Winter 2 chewable bones that help cleans her teeth. Winter had that for tea. Then dinner it was lamb chop with blended vegetables.

On Sunday morning, Winter had another half of the pork knuckles for breakfast, pork knuckles soup for tea. Then dinner it was lamb chop with blended vegetables again, together with some leftovers cat food.

Winter must be wondering what the occasion is, normally it is just her normal boring Dry Dog Food. From now on, I try to feed Winter blended vegetables at least every weekend. And bones too! It is suppose to be good for her!

This weekend will be another feast......

Yummy Pork Knuckles that can be cut into 6 portions. Winter get both the knuckles and the soup.

Healthy fresh Vegetables and Carrots, ready to be blended.

Lambs cut into small pieces to be added into the blended vegetables and carrots.

Yeay! Blended Vegetables and Lamb! Doesn't look too yummy huh? But it supposed to be good and Winter loves it.

More food? Pretty please?


Anonymous said...

like owner like dog !

monki said...

waaaa, winter gets better meals than me!!!! such a lucky pooch

burekaboy — said...

that's one well fed and taken care of doggie! how many pets do you have altogether, sharlene??

Just Sharlene said...

anonymous, I do not eat raw lamb :p

monki, all started because a friend of mine commented that fresh food would do a pooch good. Also after a few regular weekends bones, I noticed Winter's teeth getting whiter :)

burekaboy, I have 4 cats and 1 dog. Quite a handful!