Monday, November 27, 2006

What’s the noisy thing around my neck?

I took Pepper’s Pink Safe Cat Collar and put it on Sesame yesterday. At first, he did not seem to be aware of it until he started moving around and the bell started making a lot of noise. He then tried to catch the bell around his neck with his 2 front paws, and then he tried to paw the collar off. He was stumbling all over the place and trying different position to get hold of the noisy bell. It was quite funny.

After awhile, he finally got used to the noisy little bell around his collar. Last night, in my room, I could still hear the bell from the living room. Maybe I should remove the bell until Sesame gets older. Being a hyper-active kitten, he makes so much noise! This morning, he greets me outside my room, wearing the collar proudly around his neck.

I need to get a new Safe Cat Collar. Although pink looks really great on Sesame, but he is after all a boy. Will need to get a not so girlish color. Maybe bright light blue....or maybe even yellow.

Trying to get hold of the noisy bell, until he almost fell off the sofa. Mmmm.... you can't see his pink collar in this photo.

That was me, trying to distract Sesame from the Safe Cat Collar.
"Look at the lizard!"
"Where? Where?"

You lied! Now get this noisy little thing off me!

Pepper came to check what is the fuss about.

Aiyah! Its just a collar, not worth my time.


beekean said...

hahaha, very cute & funny lah, your cats. me back to work today.. so sien..

katztales said...

what's a Safe Cat Collar for?

Just Sharlene said...

BK, back to work always sien... not many people is excited to get back to work.

katztales, its actually a normal collar but it has sort of a strap that comes off easily. This is for just in case the cat gets stuck to some branches or wire (or anything) while exploring and strangles himself. Its more expensive that normal collar, I think about RM16 each, if I am not mistaken...but I think for the safety of my cats, its worth it...

Phantasma said...

That collar suits him. The last photo, your cat looks so grumpy. ^_^

katztales said...

I once had a cat who got stuck in a tree - with a "safe" collar so Scoop and Au don't wear them. Luckily they don't go far, and they are good friends with our neighbours.

sen chia said...

no no keep it, pink and grey is perfect match! Now, many guys wear pink!

Blondie said...

I put a bell collar on Webster once and he completely freaked out. So did King. I decided since they are chipped, it's OK to not have collars for them. Plus I have hallways and additional doors on both of my apartment entries, so they aren't going anywhere!!