Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lost – Special Cat (Daisy)

Disappeared from Jalan Terasek 8 (Bangsar) on 10th Nov 2006.

Cream Colour – Very long hair

Daisy is about 10 years old and she has kidney disease and an infection in her jaw so needs medication and prescription food.

Large reward for any information on where she is.

Please call: 012 - 297 5279


Horatio said...

Hmmm... good luck to the owner of finding his/her cat. LH cat is certainly a favourite for most M'sians.

Shah said...

I hope Daisy turns up again soon. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

Phantasma said...

Yes, LH cats are Malaysian favs. I bet if a Short Haired cat roams the road, they'll ignored as just another HHP!!!