Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Loving Puppy in need of a good home urgently

Please give Poppy a new home. She is a sweet loving puppy of about 8 months old. She was a street puppy that was taken in by a kindly elderly lady, who now sadly cant take care of her. My friend is currently fostering her in Bangsar. She was probably dump by her owner and very stressed previously which led to her losing a bit of fur. Her fur is now growing through and she has lovely light brown spots all over her fluffy white fur (as well as a big brown patch on top of her back which the photos don’t show)

She is now a happy dog, who never stops wagging her tail.

House trained
Basic trained including:

She understands boundaries in the house (i.e no going upstairs, no going in the kitchen). She really is a lovely dog who deserves a good home.

She is free to a good home - but we would prefer if possible to have her spayed and vaccinated before going to a home so this fee would be chargeable (at a very reduced rate).

If you are interested, do contact or 012 297 5279


katztales said...

I will ask friends. Looks like a sweet dog.

Just Sharlene said...

Yes, Poppy is really very sweet. I just paid Poppy a visit last weekend and she is just so happy to be around people. Hope she finds a good home soon.