Thursday, September 21, 2006

Potty Trained at 5 weeks old.

Sesame is about 5 weeks old now. At first, I was a bit worried that I do not see any urine nor poo-poo on the floor. The vet said he is healthy, and he acts healthy, growing bigger each passing day. So maybe the mother ate all the urine and poo-poo.

One fine day, I came home from gym and found him at the small litter box I placed on my living room, just for Sesame. When I went to investigate further, I found him eating the litter sand! His mouth had some litter sand and he was happily munching away! So I quickly took the litter sand out of his mouth. I opened the canned kitten food I have bought a few days earlier. Took a bit and put it on a small plate. I dabbed the cat food with the finger and then dabbed it on his lips. After awhile, he started biting my finger! Then I guided him to the plate and he started eating, to my joy!

Right after he finished the food, he went straight to the litter box, with me observing closely. He did some scratching movement, as if trying to dig a spot. Then he did his business on the litter box! YIPPIE! After he is done, he covered his urine. What a smart little darling, only 5 months old and is already potty-trained by himself.

Soft solid food is sooooo....yummy!

Lick Lick! Don't let the bits sticking near my mouth go to waste. Yum Yum!

Now I gotta find a nice spot.

Mmmmmmm.....I know my grandma is gonna be very happy.

Now here some some close-up photos of Sesame. He is big and furry now.


Horatio said...

god, i hope Sesame is ok. swallowing those clumping litter sands is dangerous especially to small kittens.

well good thing Sesame knew where to go. but in order to train him, try n do this. after his every meal, take a damp tissue or cloth n rub his anus (to stimulate his bowel). after about a min plus, put Sesame in the kitty litter. try n do this for a week n he shud know when to go to the toilet. good luck.

Just Sharlene said...

Sesame is OK. I am not sure how much he actually swallowed. He seemed to be munching away when I found him.

Thanks for the tips! I will keep that in mind in the event any of my friends ever have a new kitten. Sesame is a smart little kitty, he does his business in the little box :) I came home from work last nite and found some small feces in the little box. Such a good boy. However, having fluffy fur, some feces was sticking to his backside. I had to use some wet tissue to clean him. He didnt quite like it though.

This morning found some clumps on his neck :( It looks like some skin infections :( Tomorrow is his weekly check-up at the vet. Will get the vet to look at it also. Hope its nothing serious.

MisSmall said...

Aww, that's an awfully cute little kitten. We just bought an absolutely adorable Persian kitten. He's got blue eyes like Sesame and he's white. How do we get him to know his name? Our other older cat (Persian too, 10 months old) still doesn't know her name and she doesn't come to us whenever we call her. :(

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...


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katztales said...

Beautiful little cat! Hope he's OK and gets a clean bill of health from the vet.

Just Sharlene said...

Mismall, It takes a while for the kittens to know their name. I call their name whenever I feed them or during personal time with them. Yes, I do try to spent one-to-one time with each of them. As for coming when called, well, its a cat's nature to ignore its owner when its not in the mood. Ginger knows her name well, yet, she doesnt come when called, only acknowledged you by looking at you and expecting you to go to her!

There is bad news from the vet. Sesame has fungus infection :( My mom is going to bring him to the vet for a fungus bath on Tuesday. Poor little thing. Kittens, they are so fragile! I hope he gets well soon.

Horatio said...

Hi missmall, Sharlene is right abt calling ur pet's name. calling them during meal time wud b the easiest way to do it.

Sharlene, sorry to hear Sesame had fungus infection. u may consider to seperate him fr other cats to avoid infectious.

Just Sharlene said...

horatio, at the moment, Sesame is still roaming around the house. Sent him to the vet for the fungal bath yesterday. Looks like he is recovering.

As for the rest of my cats, they will be monitored closely. And of course, fungal bath for them this weekend too!