Friday, June 29, 2007

Caught in the Act Again!

Just 3 weeks ago I caught Ginger climbing on top of Garlic and gave Garlic a big kiss (You can read about it here). Last weekend, as Garlic was sleeping quietly behind the door, Ginger went and lay down beside him and gave him a kiss AGAIN!

Caught in the act again! Ginger definately has a crush on Garlic!

Garlic then woke up and Ginger tried to invite Garlic to play by rolling over.

Garlic was obviously not impressed.


Sonia said...

So is that what they call a Garlic crush?
Or do we say the rejection produced crushed Ginger? he he

Either way - I have a crush on Garlic too

(Scarletts Mum. Btw, Scarlett is just about being forgiven for her behaviour now because she's being lovely to the tiny kitten boarding here temporarily! I caught her licking her this morning in bed, and then just caught her letting the kitten attack her and being a good sport back. Bless her.)

Blondie said...

Yeah, that happens to me when I try to kiss people, too.

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

Sonia and Blondie, you two are hilarious!

Sonia, you got a cute black kitty there. Was trying to snap some photos last nite of the black kitty playing with Hera but it was too dark.

DEBRA said...

Garlic are you playin hard to get?


Daisy said...

Ginger, look at all the amazing floofiness on your tummy! I do not know how Garlic can resist.

Deana said...

too funny, you do have some beautiful cats!

Mariuca said...

Ginger reminds me of my Benji! All your cats are adorable :) :) :)
Are they on Catser yet?
Come visit my cats on my blog!