Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Royal Escort

Every morning, at about 7:30am, the Spice Cats would start the royal gathering outside my bedroom door. From inside the room, you can hear some hustling sound and soft banging on the door. At times, you can even hear a few meowing, sometimes so soft that you can barely hear, sometimes so loud that it can even wake you up from your sweet dreams.

They waited patiently, listening closely to what is happening inside the room, as I am preparing for work (Monday to Friday).

At about 8:00am, I opened the door and there they are, 4 of them, patiently waiting in front of the door. Once they see me, they start pushing each other, fighting for a place to brush their head and body against my legs, leaving their soft fur on my black pants (Thank God for Lint Roller!).

I normally will bend down, wish them all good morning and give them all a quick pat on their head. Sometimes, when I am not wearing black, I will pick Sesame up and carry him downstairs, while the other 3 escort me down.

Below are some photos taken just this morning......

Pepper, looking up at me, annoyed that Garlic is pushing her away from my leg.

After some pushing, Pepper finally won a spot on my toes while Garlic can only give me his 'begging' look.

Sesame was smarter. He tried to climb up on my other leg. I quickly told him off firmly as his claws are quite sharp.

Sesame then quickly moved on to the other leg, hoping his mother would share the toes she has won.

Ginger, the little princess, decided that pushing is so 'unprincess-like'.
She looked up at the door and wonder if I am gonna let her in so that she can enjoy some aircon. (You can also see cheeky little Sesame burying his face on Ginger's tail)

After awhile, the Spice Cats were getting bored (as I was busy snapping photos), they decided to entertain themselves while waiting for me to be done.

Sesame and Ginger decided to have some friendly wrestling. (They have become quite good friends and 2 of them wrestling around the house is becoming a common sight.)


Giant Sotong said...

Yes, what's with that behaviour? There's a black stray that does that every time I'm in black. It meows and starts using my pant leg as a brush.

Anonymous said...

Your Sesame has grown so big already!

Kitikata-san said...

You have the most lovely furry kitties! Meow! Thank you for visiting me, and seeing the new Skeeter Kitty down the street. It looks like all your spice girls have a lot of fun together! Meow

katztales said...

It's good to see the spice cats having a ball - and Sesame has grown so big so fast!

A question: what sort of brush do you use for for Ginger's extra thick fur?

Blondie said...

If ONLY I had a bedroom door. I just have a curtain, so my boys climb on my head and purr and knead me until I get up.

Just Sharlene said...

giant sotong, try having a white cat using your black pants as a brush. You'll look like you just dipped your pants in the vacumn cleaner!

anonymous, yes, Sesame has grown quite big. He is almost the same size as the other Spice Cats, and he is only 5 months old. I bet he will be big cat :)

kitikata-san, Thanks. The Spice Cats never fail to entertain themselves, especially when I am not around.

katztales, I use the same brush for all the Spice Cats. Not sure what brand but it is the kind that is retractable and you can remove the fur easily. It is very good actually. I've posted some pictures of the brush here

blondie, I can't imagine not having a bedroom door. I bet I would have sleepless nights, with 4 cats purring, kneading and brushing their body against me. So thank god for bedroom doors! Haha...